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F540 Operations Record Book September 1960 for No. 2 Squadron Jever 1September1960.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2724-2
Place. Date. Time.    Summary of Events.                   COMPILING OFFICER_FLT. LT. P.J. ADAIR__ References

        (a)     Exercise Conquer.     On the 6th of the month, 13 sorties were flown
        against a variety of targets which were tasked by 2 T.O.C.

        (b)     Exercise Holdfast.     Over the period 21st-23rd 113 sorties totalling
        90.20 Hrs. were flown by No. 2 Squadron during this N.A.T.O. exercise.   A
        large variety of targets involving the Army in the field, were tasked, and it
        was of much value to the pilots participating.   One of the Squadron,Pilots,
        FLT.LT. BARCILON spent the whole exercise with an A.C.T., in the field
        tasking No. 2 Squadron and 79 Squadron the latter having been attached to
        R.A.F. Jever for the exercise.

        (c)     Flying Training.     A number of Full Houses were organised, and flown
        as a work up for Exercise Holdfast.   In addition, the Squadron practised
        air to ground firing at Strohen Range and some night flying was carried out.

        (d)     Demonstrations.     On the 16th FLT.LT. RIMINGTON and FLT.LT.
flew two Swifts into Biggin Hill for the Battle of Britain Display on
        the 17th.   FLT.LT. RIMINGTON for aerobatics and FLT.LT. SHEPPARD for the
        static display.

        (e)     Flying Effort.                         Day                       Night
                                       Swift                258.40                  7.40
                                       Hunter              13.55                  1.00


         (a)     Ground Training.     Recognition and V.R. training were the
        prerequisite, to Exercise Holdfast.   Much ground was covered and proved of
        value during the exercise itself.

         (b)     Sport.     Members of the Squadron cricket team gathered in the Skittle
         Alley, on the evening of the 29th, top receive their Finalist medals from
         the Station Commander.

         (c)     Attachments and Detachments.     FLT.LT. ADAIR attended the Rolls
         Royce Aero Engine Course at Derby.

         (d)     Postings.
                   (i)     Officers         IN         FLT.LT. SUMNER
                                                  OUT     FLT.LT. DALE
                                                          W.O.   S.N.C.O's.   J.N.C.O's           Airmen
                   (ii)     Airmen        IN    NIL          NIL                NIL                   NIL
                                             OUT    NIL          NIL                NIL                   NIL

         (f)     Squadron Strength

                 (i)     Officers

                                     SQN.LDR. C.S. MACDONALD
                                     FLT.LT. P.J. ADAIR

                 A FLIGHT                                                   B FLIGHT
          FLT.LT. HIVES                                         FLT.LT. SHARP
          FLT.LT. RIMINGTON                              FLT.LT. ST. AUBYN
          FLT.LT. SHEPPARD                              FLT.LT. WALLIS
          FLT.LT. SUMNER                                  FLT.LT. CRAWSHAW
          FLT.LT. BARCILON                               FLT.LT. HAGAN
          FLT.LT. GUNN                                       FLT.LT. BROOKS

                    (ii)    Airmen

                              W.O.           S.N.C.O's      J.N.C.O's           AIRMEN.
                                1                     10                  16                     31

                                    SQUADRON COMMANDER'S REMARKS

         No further comments except that Exercise Holdfast flying may possibly be
         claimed as a record for a Swift Squadron in the three days intensive operation.

                                                                                        signed C.S.Macdonald
                                                                                       (C.S. MACDONALD)
                                                                                       Squadron Leader,
                                                                                       Officer Commanding,
         7th October, 1960                                              No 2 Squadron