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F540 Operations Record Book January 1957 NO 98 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2640 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                                     Compilation Officer:   Fg. Off PA. BARROW. REFS TO APPENDICES
R.A.F., Jever. January
1st Despite rigorous attempts to clear the runway of ice by use of ploughs and hot -
sanding machine, the runway still remained unserviceable and there was no flying.
During the morning pilots attended to their squadron ground duties.   In the afternoon
a lecture and film was given on thunderstorms by Mr. J. Newton, the station meteorolog -
ical officer.   Afterwards Group Captain S.W.R. Hughes C.B.E., A.F.C., gave some
practical hints as a result of his experiences in thunderstorm research with the U.S.A.F.
   /TD> 2nd A further freeze occurred during the night and the runway remained ice covered through
most of the day, but late in the afternoon a general thaw took place and limited Vampire
flying was possible.   Pilots attended further lectures on thunderstorms during the
morning and following this performed their respective Squadron duties.
    3rd Although the runway was fit for flying today the weather remained at Amber 3 because of
low cloud and poor visibility over the North German Plain.   In all seven sorties were
flown consisting of air cine sorties and one air test.
    4th Weather conditions remained poor today this time with heavy showers.   There was a slight
improvement later in the afternoon permitting nine sorties to be flown.   Of these four
were cine , four were battle and one air test.
    5th The airfield state was Red all the morning and no Hunter flying took place, pilots
attended their Squadron duties.
    7th A good days flying with thirty three sorties flown.   These consisted of sixteen sorties
of battle formation, eight cine , two practice interceptions and several individual sorties.
    8th The airfield state was Red throughout the day.   Pilots attended lectures on aircraft
recognition in the wing briefing room and "Flight Instruments" and "A Vampire T.11 quiz"
at the Squadron.
    9th The Squadron flew seventeen sorties of cine and battle formation during the morning.
The C.F.S. Examining Wing visited the Station and flew with some of the Squadron pilots.
    10th A fair days flying with twenty seven sorties flown.   Of these ten were high level battle
and two low level battle.   The remaining fifteen sorties were individual exercises of
low flying, mach runs, practice forced landings , Q.G.H.'s and G.C.A's.
  January 11th During today the Squadron flew twenty eight sorties of high level battle formation and
practice interceptions with G.C.I. during which eighteen successful interceptions were
made.   A further five individual sorties were flown.
    14th Today the Squadron flew thirty two sorties of which eleven were local night sorties.
Day sorties consisted of fourteen high level battle formation exercises and seven
individual sorties of low flying and aerobatics.
    15th The weather today was fair at first with light snow showers during the morning.   In the
early afternoon an occlusion moved through producing heavy snow fall and the airfield
state went to Red.
    16th The runway and perimeter track were covered with ice and snow throughout the day and
the day was spent in clearing the ice left on the runway after the snowplough had been
    17th Although the runway was almost clear of ice a thin layer of mist persisted for most of
the day.   The Squadron flew four Vampire T11 sorties of circuits and landings in an
effort to melt the remaining ice patches on the runway.   The wing was stood down from
its exercise "GUEST" commitment.
    18th Low stratus and fog covered the North German Plain throughout the day.   During the
morning pilots tended to their Squadron ground duties.   In the afternoon lectures
were given on "First Aid" illustrated by Canadian training film on this subject and
"Crossing the Atlantic in a Single Engine Fighter".
    19th There was no flying this morning and pilots attended to their ground duties on the
    21st The weather for most of the day consisted of low stratus the base varying between
600 and 1200 Feet.   The airfield state started at Amber 3 in the morning rising to
Amber two for a short period during the afternoon.   Sorties flown amounted to fifty -
seven and the exercises completed were eighteen of cine , six on practice interceptions
and three on weather checks.
    22nd A good days flying with thirty nine sorties flown.   These consisted of high level
battle formation, cine exercises, practice interceptions and individual exercises of
mach runs, aerobatics and practice pairs.
    23rd The weather today was good and eight high and low level battle formation sorties in
addition to six individual sorties and two Vampire air to ground demonstrations were
flown.   The afternoon was devoted to sport.
    24th Fog covered the airfield until late in the morning when it disappeared.   Some twenty
sorties of cine , battle formation and individual sorties flown.
    25th Another fair days flying with twenty four sorties flown.   Exercises were carried out
in pairs,owing to poor aircraft serviceability and consisted of battle formation and
cine .
    26th There was no flying this morning owing to low cloud and poor visibility.   As the Squadron
learnt today that it is going to Sylt on February 11th preparations were started both
for the Squadron's movement and its flying at Sylt.
    28th Flying today concentrated on simulated flag exercises and fifteen sorties were flown.
Again poor weather conditions prevented flying before 1100 hours.
    29th In all thirty one sorties were flown today of these twenty two were simulated flag
cine exercises and the remainder individual sorties including two dusk ones.   Some
pilots attended promotion examination lectures.
    30th Low cloud and rain covered the North German Plain.   There was no flying and pilots
attended to their Squadron duties.   The afternoon was devoted to sport.
    31st Again low cloud and rain prevented flying.   During the morning pilots attended either a
film on "Static Air Defence System of Great Britain" or promotion examination lectures.
                                                     FLYING    HOURS.
   Operational Day        275.10                               Instrument Flying Actual          23.55
   Operational Night          9.00                               Instrument Flying Simulated    5.05
    raining Type                34.00                               Other Pilots:                                 4.20

  January 2nd Squadron Leader D.T. Adamson left to attend a course at Butzseilerhof .   Fg/Off. D.G.
left on U.K. Leave.
    3rd Fg./Off. D.A.W. Todman returned from U.K. Leave.  
    10th Fg/Off. A. MacNae returned from U.K. Leave.  
    11th Fg/Off. D. Shore returned from U.K. Leave.  
    12th Fg/Off. J.D. Rastall left for the Winter survival course at Bad Kohlgrub.  
    21st Squadron Leader D.T. Adamson returned from Butzseilerhof.   Flt/Lt. R. Smith attached to
the Squadron from Wunstorf for Hunter conversion.
    22nd Fg/Off. D.G. Hipperson returned from U.K. Leave.  
    26th Fg/Off. J.D. Rastall returned from Bad Kohlgrub.  
    29th Flt/Lt. R. Smith returned to Wunstorf.  
    30th Fg/Off. D.A.W. Todman left on Continental Leave.   Flt/Lt. I.P. Weston left for Continental
Leave at St. Moritz.
The month of January has been marred by bad weather; fortunately there has been little
snow.   Of the flying days available seven days were impossible for flying.   The flying
exercises carried out varied over the whole range of the syllabus although considerable
emphasis has been placed on battle formation tactics and cine .   On only one night did
conditions permit a full night flying programme to take place.    The total Hunter hours
for the month was 284.10 which shows a considerable improvement on Decembers figure
but is unfortunately short of the target.
The Central Flying School Examining Wing visited the Station on the
ninth of January and flew with three members of the Squadron, Flt/Lt. I.P. Weston, Fg/Off
D.A. McCullagh
and Fg/Off. P.A. Barrow.
Flt/Lt. R. Smith who was attached from Wunstorf, carried out a six sortie Hunter Conversion
with the Squadron.

The average serviceability through the month was six aircraft.   Three engine changes and
two minor inspections were completed during the month.   The ground crew strength is below
establishment by three corporals of the Airframe, Electrical and instrument trades.

                                                                                                signed DTAdamson
                                                                                                         (D. T. Adamson)
                                                                                                         Squadron Leader,
                                                                                                         Officer Commanding,
                                                                                                         No. 98 Squadron.

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