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F540 Operations Record Book September 1958 NO 4 SQUADRON.
RAF Museum Hendon. Holds 2nd copy of F540 1945 to 1970.
PLACE DATE TIME SUMMARY OF EVENTS                             COMPILING OFFICER   __Plt. Off. P.S. Martin.___ Refs
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R.A.F. Sylt 1.9.58        Eight of the Squadron aircraft arrived just before midday - doing two reasonable
formation fly pasts.   Fg. Off. G.H. Slaney arrived at 1300 hours in the ninth aircraft
and Flt. Lt. C.J. Barrey arrived in another, making our final total ten.   There were no
more sorties in the afternoon when the Squadron had their usual Sylt detachment briefings.
Not a cloud in the sky all day.
     Those flying the aircraft were: Flt. Lt. G.O. Eades, Flt. Lt. R. Millward, Flt. Lt.
J.D. Hawtin
, Fg. Offs. P. Jones, W. Maish, B. Dale, J.M.J. Tyrrell and D.G. Hipperson.

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4 Squadron's Hunter F.6s lined up at Jever, being seen off by ASF groundcrew as all 4 Sqn groundcrew were already at Sylt with the rest of the wing - 1Sep58.   Tail letters and airframe numbers from L to R are: C XJ639, E XG268, G XG263, H XE548, Y XG297, T XJ640, U XJ637, F XG267, W XG269 and X XG298.   (Thanks to Maurice Parker.)   [Not in original F540.]
                                            SORTIES : 10           HOURS : 5.20
  2.9.58        We had six serviceable aircarft to start the day, but down to five by lunch time.
Squadron concentrated on cine' sorties and Demos.   Weather was again very fine and
likely to stay that way for the rest of the week.
                                            SORTIES : 20           HOURS : 12.10
  3.9.58        Meteorological forecast was still very accurate - cloudless sky all day.   Five service-
able aircraft to start the day.   More cine' and Demos with approximately 25% serviceability
on Radar Ranging.
     Flt. Lt. F.R. Lund arrived back from the United Kingdom having been successfully
                                            SORTIES : 21           HOURS : 12.30
  4.9.58        We had our first live firing today.   Plt. Off. P.S. Martin got a 15% - Flt. Lt. R.
an 18% and Flt. Lt. G.O. Eades 36% - only 11 rounds fired with four hit (abortive).
There was again very good weather but aircraft situation very poor - between 17-22 sorties
lost through aircraft unserviceability.
                                            SORTIES : 13           HOURS : 7.35
  5.9.58        More pilots had their first live shoots today. The aircraft unserviceability was
better but a lot of trouble was being experienced with Radar Ranging.   The weather was
again perfect.
                                            SORTIES : 29           HOURS : 17.10
  8.9.58        The good weather was eventually broken but it was still green.   A good days airfiring
was hoped for but unfortunately three flags were shot away aborting three quarters of
the days sorties alone.   Fg. Off. P. Jones flew Y - Yankee back to Jever for a minor.
                                            SORTIES : 13           HOURS : 9.55
  9.9.58        There was no flying before noon owing to range unserviceability.   The sky was overcast
in the morning, brightening in the afternoon giving the Squadron the opportunity of in-
proving the average.   Four more pilots flew their first effective shoots giving the
Squadron 16 sorties with 10 effective shoots - only one flag was shot away.   Fg. Off. B.
H. Dale
and Fg. Off. W.B. Maish got 57% and 46% respectively.   Fg. Off. P. Jones arrived
back from Jever in D - Delta.   Because of the greater number of flags away yesterday the
Squadron today, and in the future, will operate 2 aircraft on the flag.
                                            SORTIES : 16           HOURS : 8.10
  10.9.58        Visibility on the range was rather poor first thing this morning but improved
rapidly and it developed into a good day for firing.   Highest scorer was Fg. Off. W.B. Maish with 60%,
the squadron daily average being 32.4%
                                            SORTIES : 25           HOURS : 14.00
  11.9.58        A disappointing day in that we started with six aircraft and after a few hours
we had only one serviceable.   The main causes of aborted sorties were Radar Ranging
unserviceable and lack of aircraft.   However the daily average was 24.8% and the overall average
so far is 24%
                                            SORTIES : 14           HOURS : 7.35
  12.9.58        A fairly good days flying in that only one flag was shot away completely and 13
effective shoots were achieved.   Unfortunately five aircraft suffered from Radar Ranging
snags during the day.   Fg. Off. W.B. Maish scored 62% and the daily average was 25%.
                                            SORTIES : 27           HOURS : 13.40
  13.9.58        An early start this morning still only produced 5 effective sorties.   Flag and Radar
unserviceability causing the abortive sorties.   Rugger and soccer matches were
played in the afternoon.   The Squadron progressive average now stands at 25.4%
                                            SORTIES : 18           HOURS : 10.15
  15.9.58        Low cloud, poor visibility and rain precluded any flying today.   The morning was
spent in getting all films up to date and watching a film show of operational film from
World War II and Korea.   In the afternoon we defeated No. 93 Squadron at Basketball.
                                            SORTIES :   NIL           HOURS : NIL
  16.9.58        Rain, cloud on the range and fog delayed flying today until 1500 when the programme
started.   Unfortunately the rain had penetrated the aircraft and 4 sorties were lost due
to u/s electrical equipment on the aircraft.   One effective sortie was flown by Fg. Off.
A.A. Boyle.

                                            SORTIES :   6           HOURS : 2.43
  17.9.58        A day of unserviceable flags and a little radar trouble gave the Squadron 11 effective
sorties.   The nylon flags with Sylt spinners give a poor radar "lock-on".   The Squadron
daily average is 26.6% and the progressive average is now 25.6%.
                                            SORTIES : 26           HOURS : 14.30
  18.9.58        A normal days air firing starting with eight serviceable aircraft.   This did not last
though, and four sorties were lost later due to a shortage of aircraft.   The highest score
today was 47% by Fg. Off. D.G. Hipperson.   The daily average being 26%.
                                            SORTIES : 28           HOURS : 14.35
  19.9.58        Owing to fog and low cloud the firing programme did not start until 1300 hours.   Fg.
Off. D.G. Hipperson
obtained a score of 59%.   The Squadron progressive average is now
                                            SORTIES : 14           HOURS : 8.15
  22.9.58        The weather this morning caused majority of sorties to be cut short.   At lunch
time the programme was cancelled as the ranges were unserviceable due to cloud.   The
daily average was 28.1% and the progressive average is now 25.8%
                                            SORTIES : 17           HOURS : 10.05
  23.9.58        A good day for flying but spoiled by frequent Radar snags.   On the first flag,
Flt. Lt. P.F. Hunwick fired 17 rounds and scored 16 hits.   Highest score today was
Fg. Off. W.B. Maish with 56%.   The daily average being 33.8%
                                            SORTIES : 22           HOURS : 11.00
  24.9.58        A morning of low cloud and fog, delayed the start of flying until 1430 hours, apart
from one flag at 1130.   As a result of todays firing the Squadron average for the
detachment is now 26.4%.   The highest score was 62% achieved by Fg. Off. W.B. Maish who
finished with a personal average of 42.5%.   The stoppage rate was one in 980.   During the
detachment an average of eight effective firing sorties was flown by each pilot, plus
3 cine sorties.   The following pilots had demonstrations in the vampire by a staff
P.A.I.:- Sqn. Ldr. T.J. McElhaw, Flt. Lts. F.R. Lund, J.D. Hawtin, P.F. Hunwick, Fg. Offs.
P. Jones
, A.A. Boyle, J.F. Farley, J.M.J. Tyrrell and Plt. Off. P.S. Martin.
                                            SORTIES : 10           HOURS : 5.10
  25.9.58        Low cloud base and intermittent heavy rain did not deter the wing in returning to
Jever this morning.   The Wing was led by Wg. Cdr. G.C. Atherton and carried out a fly
past at Sylt and Jever.
                                            SORTIES :   9           HOURS : 5.15
  26.9.58        With no ground crew at Jever the pilots spent the morning cleaning down the aircraft
and tidying the crew rooms ready for a maintenance day on Monday.
     Fg. Off. T. Watson from Chivenor and R. Booth from 74 Squadron joined the Squadron
                                            SORTIES : NIL           HOURS : NIL
  29.9.58        No flying today as the aircraft were being re-fitted with tanks.   A re-allocation
of squadron duties took place and those were announced this afternoon.   Fg. Off. W.B.
left yesterday to return to U.K. at the completion of his tour.
                                            SORTIES : NIL           HOURS : NIL
R.A.F. Jever 30.9.58        The Squadron took over Battle Flight commitment this morning.   The remaining
aircraft was used on individual syllabus sorties.   Four trips were achieved.
                                            SORTIES :   4           HOURS : 4.25
      T.J. McElhaw                                           
(T.J. McELHAW)                                         
Squadron Leader,                                     
Officer Commanding,                                
No. 4 Squadron.