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F540 Operations Record Book January 1959 NO 93 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2803 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time SUMMARY OF EVENTS                                         COMPILING OFFICER   Flt. Lt. T.A.K. Wood       REF. TO APPENDICES
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JEVER January 1959. THURSDAY 1st JANUARY 1959 to FRIDAY 9th JANUARY 1959
     The weather was good for the first two days but winter intervened.   Because of
snow clearance in the afternoon flying was only possible on the morning of the Monday,
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.   Snow showers made flying impossible on Wednesday.
Flying Officers J.R. Lynn and M.A.F. Ryan did a Round Robin to Rheims and return on Friday
2nd January spending 2½ hours on the ground there.   The Squadron maintained Battle
from 6th onward except, owing to weather, Gutersloh had to stand in on
Wednesday 7th January.   When flying was impossible all pilots were taking shifts at
snow ploughing.   Flying Officer P.A. Bouch left to attend Winter Survival
Course at Bad Kohlgrub on Saturday 3rd January.   Squadron Leader H Minnis assumed
the responsibility of O.C. Flying Wing and Flt. Lt. G W Timms took command of the squadron
from Monday 5th until the 16th. Flying Officers P King and J.R. Lynn sorrowfully retired
by cars to the UK on the 8th January.
      MONDAY 12th JAN - FRIDAY 16th JAN., 1959.
     The airfield was Black for most of this period either owing to snow or, when
it cleared, the residual ice.   However three sorties were flown on the 13th and 10
on the 16th.   The rest of the time was utilised by the pilots either "sitting" in the
runway caravan alternating with 4 Squadron doing Gutersloh's Battle Flight or else
becoming expert with Magirus type snowploughs, much to the detriment of the snow-
ploughs and safety of any unfortunates nearby.   Flying Officer P.A. Bouch survived
at Bad Kohlgrub and returned intact on 17th January.   Flight Lieutenant T.A.K. Wood,
encouraged, left for the second course on the same day.
      MONDAY 19th JANUARY - FRIDAY 23rd JAN., 1959.
     Although flying was limited by weather during the first three days of the week,
Jever was Green for the Wednesday and Thursday.   But seven pilots "missed out" for
two and a half days as they were busy on Promotion exams.   Three pilots from D.F.C.S.
Wg Cdr. Champneys, Flt Lt. Shields (H.A.F.) and Capt. Kimes (USAF) helped out by
flying four sorties with us.   An R.C.M. exercise on Thursday 22nd January was held,
one of the two pair achieving an interception.
     A period of mixed weather played havoc with the programme.   The Squadron again
took over Battle Flight on Tuesday.   Squadron Leader Evans, the P.S.O. to the C. in C.,
flew four sorties "getting his hand in" before taking over a Lightning wing.   During
the periods of no flying mass briefings on Squadron and Wing S.O.Ps were held, mainly
it is rumoured, to let the ex-Fighter Command pilots get operational ideas.   Flying
Officer M.A.F. Ryan
did not give an Aircraft Recognition Lecture this week.   Flight
Lieutenant T.A.K. Wood
returned intact from Bad Kohlgrub on Saturday, more than can
be said for the other two Jever representatives.   Flying Officer A.J. Lakeman
departed the same day to try to follow suit.
  Day Night Sorties
Operational Type 245.45 7.20 241
Training Type      16.20              2.00          21     
                   Totals 262.05 9.20 262
                    Although we are the most operational snowploughers in the Command, flying has
been very limited.   Twelve sorties were flown on Air to Sea firing, the remainder
were high level.   In the first two weeks the Squadron concentrated on ranging and
tracking, and Quarter Attacks from 20,000' upwards, converting later to Cine Weave
at 35,000' in preparation for Sylt.   Only seven night flying sorties were possible.
      Signed J J Parker                                                                  
(J.J. PARKER)                                                                        
Flight Lieutenant                                                                   
Officer Commanding                                                            
No. 93 Squadron                                                                   
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