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F540 Operations Record Book October 1959 for No. 2 Squadron Jever 1October1959.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2724-2
Place. Date. Time.    Summary of Events.                         COMPILING OFFICER_Flt. Lt. A. J. GUNN__ References
Royal Air Force JEVER October, 1959 1. OPERATIONS
      (a)   Flying Training.     Once again the new flying target of 340 hours was reached,
this month with 1 ½ flying days still in hand.
                                              The Squadron took part in three exercises during the
month.   On the 13th, four sorties were flown on Exercise Pinpoint.   Two of the
squadron swifts landed away at BEAUVECHAIN on the 14th as Exercise Round-Robin
and on the 29th of the month, sorties were flown to targets in Denmark for
an Exercise Amled.
                                              A variation on Exercise Full-House was introduced by
FLIGHT LIEUTENANT M.O. BERGH this month.   The training exercise was given the
name Exercise "Conga" and eight sorties were flown on the 9th.
                                              The outstanding event of the month was a major accident
during which FLIGHT LIEUTENANT A. MARTIN experienced sudden engine failure and,
after an unsuccessful attempt at re-lighting, ejected from the aircraft at about 600 feet.
Unfortunately, FLIGHT LIEUTENANT MARTIN cracked his spine on ejection and is now
lying in hospital.   This is now the second time that he has injured his spine
whilst abandoning an aircraft in spite of which, he is quite cheerful, and fairly

[Not in F540]   Al Martin's Swift FR.5 WK304 which flamed out at 600 ft on GCA finals for RAF Jever just near the Olympia Factory. [Click to see a full newspaper report].

      (b)   Demonstrations.     FLIGHT LIEUTENANT R. RIMIMGTON carried out three solo
aerobatic displays in England this month.   The first two were at Chivenor and
West Malling on the 2nd, and the other at Little Rissington on the 18th of the
month.   All three were R.O.C. "At Home" displays.
      (c)   Flying Times.
                                                       DAYS                                              NIGHT
              SWIFT F.R. 5                 323.00 hours                                17.05 hours
              VAMPIRE T.11)               14.45 hours                                 nil
              HUNTER T. 7)

      (a)   Ground Training.     Due to the intensive flying programme this month, the
only ground training was in the form of conversion lectures for the new pilot.
                                                 An old and interesting film came into the hands of the
Squadron this month.   Taken in 1914, it was in surprisingly good condition and
depicted the arrival of No. 2 Squadron on the beach at Seaton Carew in their
      (b)   Sport.     The Squadron soccer team is still at the top of the inter-section
league having won six and drawn one during the month.
                             Three members of the Squadron play for the station hockey team
which has also done very well this month against local teams.
      (c)   Entertainment.     The Squadron officers held two Dinner Nights during the
month.   FLIGHT LIEUTENANT R.D. HALL, Officer Commanding N0. 2 M.F.P.S., was
dined out on the first occasion and on the second, it was the turn of FLIGHT
and CAPTAIN H. TREGEAR, respectively the "A" Flight
Commander and G.L.O.   Both occasions were "resounding" successes.
      (d)   Postings and Detachments.     The Squadron lost the "A" Flight Commander when
FLIGHT LIEUTENANT A.K. IBBETT was posted at the end of the month.   He takes up
his duties next month as Standardisation Officer at Linton-on-Ouse.
                                                              FLIGHT LIEUTENANT A.J. GUNN was posted in on the
8th of the month from a ground tour at Church Fenton.
                                                              PILOT OFFICER P. HOLDEN-RUSHWORTH was detached
for 2½ days to Wildenwrath on the Aviation Medicine Course.
                                   S.N.C.O.'s                     Corporals                                  Airmen
Posted In                         1                                       2                                              nil
Posted Out                      1                                     nil                                              2
(e)     Squadron Strength.
W.O.'s                         S.N.C.O.'s          Corporals                      Airmen
    1                                      11                         14                              38
                                          Squadron Leader C.A. Wade
    "A" Flight                                                                                    "B" Flight
Flight Lieutenant R. RIMINGTON                                      Flight Lieutenant M.O. BERGH
Flight Lieutenant D. E. BURTON                                      Flight Lieutenant A. MARTIN
Pilot Officer P. HOLDEN-RUSHWORTH                         Flight Lieutenant B. WALLIS
Flight Lieutenant R. BARCILON                                       Flight Lieutenant B. St. AUBYN
Flight Lieutenant E. SHARP                                              Flight Lieutenant M.E.A.DALE
Flight Lieutenant A.J. GUNN                                             Flying Officer A.G. NEWING
                                                                                                Flying Officer G.E. HAGAN
                                                                     No further comment
                                                                                                            signed CAWade
                                                                                                            (C.A. WADE)
                                                                                                            Squadron Leader,
                                                                                                            Officer Commanding,
                                                                                                            No. 2 SQUADRON