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F540 Operations Record Book April 1960
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2803 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
PLACE             DATE TIME        SUMMARY OF EVENTS                         COMPILING OFFICER. FLT. LT. J.T. HALL
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R.A.F. JEVER    April, 1960         Operations.
                                                   During April the customary Squadron training was carried                                              out.   This included low level strikes on targets selected by the                                             Squadron in the low flying area, and Tac. R. strikes on a German                                             missile squadron positioned north of Osnabruck (21st April).   A                                             number of sorties were flown against camouflaged army targets in 1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesthe Soltau training area.   The high level training this month emphasised combat,
                                            broadcast control and cine weave.   A new form of bomber attack was also                                             practised by the Squadron, namely, co-ordinated attacks on bombers.   Two
                                            aircraft fly up to the perch, one on either side of the bomber, and carry out
                                            quarter attack simultaneously.   One of the two aircraft is briefed to fly this
                                            attack slightly behind the other, and the bomber's guns are thus presented with
                                            two aircraft, one on either side, neither of which (ideally) falls into line astern on
                                            the bomber until 300 yards range.
                                                    Exercises this month included on 2nd April Exercise Quicktrain, the practice
                                            general alert.   The Squadron's reaction time was very good;   eight aircraft were
                                            on state within 40 minutes of the alarm.   Exercise Co-op, a bomber interception
                                            and practice diversion exercise, took place on 5th April, and Exercise Amled on
                                            29th April.
                                                    Two air-to-ground sorties only were flown in April, the higher scorer being
                                            Flt. Lt. T.A.K. Wood with 40%.
                                                    The Squadron was on Battle Flight from the beginning of the month until
                                            4th April, and from 26th April until the end of the month.   One scramble took
                                            place during this period, on 30th April, to investigate a German F 84 F with IFF
                                            switched to emergency, which was circling over the coast off Husum.
                                                    The flying target was achieved by the end of the month.


                                              Type        Day                        Night            Total             Sorties
                                         Hunter F. 6.  312.15                      23.05           335.20             339


                                                              Rounds fired                   100
                                                              Hits                                20
                                                              Month's average               20%
                                                              Month's stoppage rate       Nil.

     The Easter Grant took place from mid-day Thursday, 14th April until mid-day, 19th April.


     Flt. Lt. V. Ventham and Fg. Off. C.R. Lamont were declared operational at the end of the month.

     Flt. Lt. R.D. Stone won the aerobatic competition for the Hunter, which took place at Bruggen on 23rd April.   This means that during the year he will again represent the Command in aerobatic displays at other stations.

     Flt. Lt. P.A. Barrow was selected to go to G.A.F. base at Leck as R.A.F. advisor.   The posting will be for a year in the first instance.

     Fg. Off. D. Fahey returned to the Squadron having successfully completed the I.R.E. course at West Raynham.

     Flt. Lt. P.B. Hine was in England throughout the month on the D.F.C.S. course.

     Flt. Lt. T.A.K. Wood and Flt. Lt. J.T. Hall completed the simulator course at Jever.


     A Dutch ACT visited the Squadron and was shown round the Hunter.   Two Squadron officers paid a liaison visit to Northag's fire power demonstration at Fallingbostel.

     Socially the Squadron was only moderately active during April:   a dinner was held on 13th April to welcome the Commanding Officer to the Squadron, and to say "Goodbye" to Flt. Lt. P.A. Barrow, who will leave the Squadron some time in May.

     A champagne party was held on Friday 29th April for the newly created operational pilots.

     A barrel of beer was drunk by air and groundcrew on the Thursday before Easter to speed the Easter Grant.

     A Mess Dining-in night was held on Friday, 8th April, 1960.   Flt. Lt. B. Butterworth broke his finger during the games.   Otherwise no casualties.

Signature O Bergh                
(M.O. Bergh)                       
Squadron Leader                  
Officer Commanding              
No. 93 Squadron