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F540 Operations Record Book July 1956 NO 93 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2803 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time SUMMARY OF EVENTS                                 COMPILING OFFICER      Lt. T.F.B. Young (R.N.)     REF. TO APPENDICES
R.A.F. Jever 1956
July 1st Meetings Nationaux de l'air Strasbourg.     93 Squadron aerobatic team took part in
this air display, doing 8 minutes of formation aerobatics.   The normal team of
Squadron Leader D.F.M. Browne, A.F.C., and Fg. Off.s Clayton-Jones, Exley and
Sanderson, with Fg. Off. Taylor as reserve, had flown down on Friday, staging at Wahn
on the way.   The organisation of the groundcrew was a great success:   2 senior
N.C.O.s plus 3 were flown down in an Anson on Friday, and a J.N.C.O. plus one had
brought a Magirus 3 1/2 ton lorry with all the ground equipment, in the latter a tent
had been included in which the 2 men had camped out on Friday night.   2 other pilots
and an honorary member of the Squadron also made their way down by private car in
order to watch and lend any further assistance, should it be needed.   The Assistant
to the Air Attache, Paris, Squadron Leader Howard Williams D.F.C., met the team on
arrival and was a great help throughout the stay.   He was glad to have the
opportunity of flying one of the Squadron Hunters on the Saturday.   All members of
the Squadron stayed at the Hotel Excelsior in the Place de la Gare in Strasbourg.
          The air display itself took place at Strasbourg airport.   The organisation of
the show might well be criticised, particularly on two points.   Apparently for
security reasons all the jet fighter aircraft and most of those aircraft flying in
the display were allotted a dispersal on the opposite side of the field from the public
enclosure, and in addition a great number of police patrolled the various roads and
possible entries nearby;   however by midday either the heat or enthusiasm for the
display had caused the police to lose interest in their job, and we were soon
engulfed by hoards of Frenchmen and their families.   The programme of flying was
spread over an unusually long period of about eight hours, with all the jet aircraft
aerobatics placed consecutively at the end, which might be calculated to bore any
          The more interesting items were :- delayed parachute drops from 10,000 feet,
individual aerobatics of a very high standard in light aircraft, and of course the
jet aircraft aerobatics.   It was noticeable that the 93 Squadron team were the only
formation that obeyed the minimum height restriction, and they were the only team
that remained really close to the airfield throughout their demonstration.   Three
Mysteres diving in formation placed a series of three sonic booms onto the airfield
with excellent timing, the Ouragan and F.86 "Skyblazers" teams were not remarkable,
the Italian team of F.84s however finished their formation aerobatics in a most
spectacular manner with vast quantities of smoke generated apparently by injecting
oil into their flame tubes, the airfield being virtually blanketed in a thick fog
for three or four minutes.
          No new service type aircraft were seen, but the Ministere de L'Air arrived
from Paris as a passenger in a most interesting little twin jet light communications
aircraft, the Morane Saulinar, Paris;   with four seats and the need for special
clothing being unnecessary, it would make a useful staff communications aircraft.
          The weather for the display was almost ideal, and the inactive occlusion
which passed through about midday caused little annoyance.
          The rest of the Squadron at Jever was stood down for the day.
  2nd             With Fg. Offs Dunbar, Biggs and Chadwick on leave and Fg. Off. Pigdon returned off
leave, there are 16 pilots on Squadron strength.
          In spite of the poor weather and they fact that on 2 occasions pairs of aircraft
had to divert to Oldenburg when aircraft of other Squadrons overran the runway, 18
sorties of cine 1/4 attacks were carried out at 20,000 feet.
          The aerobatic team returned from Strasbourg in one hop but some difficulty was
nearly caused by Wahn who took some 10 minutes to pass a weather "actual" for Jever
as the team overflew the former airfield.
  3rd             28 sorties of cine 1/4 attacks were carried out at 20,000 feet, also 8 night
Hunter sorties and 1 night Vampire T.11 sortie.   During the night flying,
Fg. Off. Leigh-Lancaster had a total hydraulic failure, he carried out a manual
landing without incident.   The cause was a leak in the airbrake hydraulic supply
pipe where it had chafed on one of it's supporting brackets.
  4th              6 sorties of cine quarter attacks at 10,000 feet was all the flying possible
before standing down for the sports afternoon.   These quarter attacks are being done
on a target speed of 200 knots in order to give the pilots practice in conditions of
firing at the banner which will be done at Sylt next month.
          The defect on the hydraulic supply pipe discovered yesterday was due to the packing between pipe and holding bracket slipping out.
          The cricket league had to be cancelled this afternoon.   The Squadron is leading
in points at the moment.
  5th             Low stratus over the airfield in the afternoon stopped any more flying after
14.25 hrs.   Some more cine at 10,000 feet had been carried out.
          The aerobatic team go to Furstenfeldbruck, near Munich tomorrow, and they will
operate from there when taking part in the air display at Nurnburg.   2 of the
ground crew left today by road in a Magirus.
          At the end of the day Squadron Leader Sykes of the Technical Wing explained the
theory of the "Flying Day" servicing scheme, and the method in which it is to be
carried out as an Air Ministry Trial by Squadrons at Jever.   The scheme will be
welcomed by all who see in it a chance at last that Calendar Servicing may be discarded.
  6th             Fg.Off. Biggs returned off leave, but with Fg.Off. Landon now sick, Squadron
strength remained at 16.
          The aerobatic team left during the forenoon, and 6 more of the groundcrew left
in the Anson.
          The weather was not very promising, 4 cine sorties at 10,000 feet and 7 sorties
of individual exercises such as aerobatics were flown.
  7th             The Squadron attended the Station Commander's parade in the forenoon.   Afterwards a Flight Safety Meeting was held for 93 Squadron Pilots in the crewroom.
  8th Sunday             At Jever 11 of the groundcrew were at work all day carrying out the S.T.I.
consequent on the failure of the pressure line to the airbrake.   The rectification
of the 5 u/s aircraft entails removing the engine in each.
          The aerobatic team performed at the "Flugtag Nationonen" at Furth which adjoins
the city of Nurnburg - there is only a small airfield there so they operated from the
U.S.A.F. station at Furstenfeldbruck.   Flight Lieutenant Holmes who is on an exchange
posting there with the U.S.A.F. acted as liaison officer.   After the show all those
taking part were flown down to Furth in a Nord Atlas for a reception given by the
German sponsors, and afterwards spent the night in Furth where they were accommodated in an hotel.
  10th Monday           5 sorties were flown but the weather rapidly deteriorated, the cloud base being
down to 150 feet in places by 09.05 hrs. so flying ceased.   A pair carried out a
weather check in the afternoon but it was still unsuitable for flying.   The day was
spent in further preparation for the A.O.C.s inspection.
  11th             Continuous rain and low cloud all day prohibited flying in the forenoon and any
outdoor sport in the afternoon.
  12th             Again weather conditions were marginal and a patchy day's flying was the result
with the airfield alternating between amber and red.   14 sorties were flown including
10 of quarter attacks.
  13th             At last a fine day.   The first part of the forenoon was spent in air to sea
firing; on Spiekeroog range.   In 18 sorties, 1,920 rounds were fired with no
stoppages.   A further 20 sorties of quarter attacks occupied the rest of the day, it
was not possible to take advantage of the fine weather and fly until dusk as there
was a dining in night in the Mess.   Flt.Lt. Hayes who leaves the Squadron on 3rd
August was "dined out".
  14th             The Squadron again attended the Station Commander's parade, and afterwards
Fg.Off. Taylor, the Squadron P.A.I. briefed pilots for air to air cine on the banner,
since it was hoped to do some next week before going to Sylt.
  15th             Due to the very heavy rain in the afternoon, stumps were drawn in the cricket
match between the Squadron and the Station Armoury.   The match is to be replayed at
a later date.
  16th             After the rehearsal for the A.O.C.s parade a fair amount of flying was done.
The weather seems to have recovered and from the look of the charts it might remain
fine for at least a few days.   The formation aerobatic team had their first practice
for over a week, the rest of the flying consisted of cine quarter attacks on a banner
being towed from Sylt, and between pairs of aircraft, in preparation for firing at
          The cricket match of yesterday was played today, the Squadron winning by about
60 runs.
          Fg.Off. Chadwick returned off leave this evening.
  17th             Most of the forenoon was again spent on parade; the Station Commander decided
that we are now sufficiently good for no more but a dress rehearsal on Thursday
          With the weather remaining fine for flying, the Squadron continued the work up
for Sylt during the day including more cine of the banner, and some dusk and
night flying was done later.   A very high intensity of flying was not possible as
3 aircraft went on Minor Inspection today in order to be ready for the aerobatic
team by the end of the week, also 1 aircraft is still A.O.G.
          Except for those airmen required for night flying the whole Squadron worked late
in preparation for the A.O.C.s inspection.
          The first re-arm trial on a Wing basis was carried out today - it was a dry run
(no firing afterwards) with 4 aircraft from each Squadron to check on technique and
team work.   The complete turn round must be done in under 20 minutes; on this
occasion unfortunately we had a gunpack from the Central Armoury which was "bowed"
so that it could not be easily lowered, but in spite of the considerable time spent
by the crew on this the turn round of all four Squadrons was done in 19 minutes.
  18th             The flying day began with another Wing re-arm and turn round, which is to be
done as a demonstration and competition for the A.O.C. on Friday.   4 aircraft from
each Squadron plus spares took part.   The 16 aircraft scrambled already armed, flew
back over the airfield in battle formation, then out to sea to fire off the ammunition,
afterwards joining up for a Wing fly past and stream landing.   All aircraft then
parked on 4 squadron apron where the turn-round and re-arm was done on an evaluation,
this was followed by another scramble and firing sortie, and today, another turn round.
93 Squadron was first on both, taking 12.55 and 15.20 minutes respectively, also we
were the only Squadron to fire with no stoppages, a total of 840 rounds.
          There was no sports afternoon and the rest of the day's flying was occupied in
further cine quarter attacks, as the previous few days.
  19th             Yet another fine day and the forenoon was spent almost entirely on cine quarter
attack sorties.
          The dress rehearsal for the A.O.C.'s parade took place in the afternoon, after
which the Squadron worked until 18.00 hrs. completing final preparations for the
inspection tomorrow.
          Pilot Officer R. Lynn joined the Squadron today from 223 O.C.U. Pembrey.
  20th             Air Vice Marshal S.R. Ubee, C.B.E., A.F.C., A.O.C. 2 Group inspected 122 Wing
the day was fine and hot with little or no wind.
          The Station was on parade for the A.O.C. on his arrival in the forenoon [Click to see]
in the afternoon he visited the Squadrons and then watched the Wing re-arm
demonstration and fly past.   In the re-arm and turn round 93 Squadron had the best time
of 11 minutes 17¾ seconds, with no stoppages during the firing.
          The ground crew taking part in this evaluation were of the following trades :-
4 Airframes, 4 Engines, 2 Instruments, 2 Electricians, 2 Radio, 6 Armourers forming
2 teams of a corporal plus 2, and a corporal acting as safety man.   Sgt. Grainger-
had organised the Armament side and trained the 2 teams of armourers, and
supervised them.   Flight Sergeant O'Neill, Squadron Senior N.C.O., being in overall
charge, having kept an eagle eye on everything since the first sortie.
  21st             Last night a signal was received from H.Q. 2 T.A.F. warning of a serious of defect
on the Hunter.   Apparently on one of 20 Squadron's Hunters it was found that the
short connection between the aileron and the hydro-booster had broken due to faulty
manufacture.   Wing Commander Harrington, (the Wing Commander Tech.) went down to
Oldenburg today to get more detailed information.
          This morning in the Squadron 3 aircraft had S.I. 26 done on them (an inspection
of the nosewheel door after air firing.)
          The remainder of the station was stood down for 48 hours.
          Fg.Off. Dunbar returned off leave.   Squadron strength is now 19 pilots.
  22nd             The formation aerobatic team have to go to West Raynham tomorrow as they are
due to perform before the Imperial Defence College at a display at Marham.   For this
reason the 5 aircraft they are taking were checked for the aileron control defect
today.   This job was done by 6 men in the Squadron in quite reasonable time, and
none were found unserviceable.
  23rd             The aerobatic team with Fg.Off. Chadwick as spare left in the morning for West
Raynham where they will be based for tomorrow's display; after their arrival there
they managed to fly 2 practice sorties.
          Back here at Jever the weather for most of the forenoon was poor and as we had
few aircraft available not much flying was done; however a Meteor 8 which we have
borrowed from Sylt for flag towing duties, was fetched today, which we will use for
the remainder of the week.
  24th             The 2 Hunters serviceable during the day flying were put to good use on cine on the
banner.   A Vampire T.11 was also used to demonstrate the correct form of attack to
some of the newer pilots.   7 sorties of dusk and night flying were carried out, in
bright moonlight, G.C.A.s were done at Ahlhorn and Wunstorf.
        The weather in England was unfavourable for the aerobatic team who had to carry
out their "bad weather routine" beneath a cloud base of 2,500 feet.   Their display
was evidently warmly appreciated, as they received a congratulatory message from the
A.O.C. 3 Group, Bomber Command.   This display was actually the second day of a
Bomber Command show - the first day being a review for Her Majesty the Queen, and
today a demonstration for the Imperial Defence College.
  25th             Primary Star inspections are being carried out on most of our aircraft in
anticipation of a full programme at Sylt next week, so again flying was not intensive.
          3 of the team returned from West Raynham before lunchtime, unfortunately
Squadron Leader Browne had some fuel trouble and he and Fg.Off. Clayton-Jones
landed back at West Raynham.
  26th             Today was the last day's flying before going to Sylt, and was nearly
all cine sorties on the banner.   Sqn.Ldr. Browne and Fg.Off. Clayton-Jones returned
from West Raynham before noon.
  27th             The whole Squadron was busily occupied preparing for the move to Sylt; the
hangar where now stand 12 fully serviceable Hunters, was a scene of great activity
as ground equipment, spare gun packs and a multiplicity of stores were loaded onto
the motor transport.
  28th             At 06.30 the road party left in 2 convoys, Fg.Off. Ritchie taking the 2 Landrovers
and the 2 Magirus'.   The 3 ten ton lorries of 317 M.T. Squadron with their 10 ton
trailers were going independently.
  29th             The rail party, in the charge of Fg.Off. Landon and consisting of 10 Senior
N.C.O.s and 63 other ranks left at about 08.00, arriving at Sylt in a very heavy
thunderstorm at 19.00 hrs.
  30th             A very deep depression over N. Europe causing violent gales also affected
Jever.   All the forenoon a 90 deg crosswind gusting up to 60 knots on the runway, and
like conditions at Sylt caused a certain amount of reluctance at these airfields in
allowing the Hunters to operate.   However the Vampire was flown up to Sylt in the
forenoon, and the Hunters followed in the afternoon.
          Pilots attended a full briefing on the Task for the next 3 weeks, in the evening.
  31st             The wild weather conditions and a not too satisfactory start to the detachment
was made with 15 sorties of cine only, except for the Squadron Commander who broke
the ice with a couple of bursts scoring the equivalent of 30%.
           The Hunter Task of over 348 hours for the month was also achieved today, a
pleasant surprise in view of the weather and certain S.I.s considerably curtailing
flying during the last 2 weeks.
Operational type Day Night Sorties
Hunter Mk.4 330.35 26.45   483
Vampire T.11          36.25             5.10               61     
Totals               367.00            31.55            544    
          July's weather has not been all that is expected of a summer month.
There have been also two serious technical Hunter defects which caused extra work
for the under manned ground crew; one of these S.T.I.s necessitated six engine
removals.   Preparation for the A.O.C.'s annual inspection and later preparations
for going to Sylt on 30th July also curtailed the days available for flying.
However the Squadron achieved the target and flew 12 aircraft up to Sylt.
          During the period there were three formation aerobatic displays which were at
Strasbourg, Nurnburg and Marham.   There was also the Re-arm Demonstration for the
A.O.C.'s day, which high lighted all important ground crew activities and
provided quite a useful gun exercise for the pilots.
          The main flying training was cine quarters on flag and aircraft in preparation
for Sylt; over 200 effective practices were carried out.   Sylt lent a Meteor for
local flag towing for nearly a week and also gave us some valuable space on their
ranges.   Other training was fairly well balanced with a good quota of night flying
achieved.   In general, in spite of the various diversions, it was a useful month's

Weather Factor
      Days fit for full flying           -     11 1/2
Days fit for partial flying     -     10
      Days not fit for flying           -          1/2
 Days not available for flying -     9

  19th   Fg.Off. R. Lynn joined the Squadron from 223 O.C.U. Pembrey.  
  31st    Flt. Lt. R.W. Hayes completed his tour of duty with the Squadron.  
                 Nominal Roll of Pilots.                                        Nominal Roll of N.C.O.s
Sqn. Ldr. D.F.M. Browne, A.F.C.                                           F.S. O'Neill J.
            A Flight.                                                                    C.T. Wibberley T.
Fg.Off. D.S. Chadwick                                                          C.T. Lloyd B.E.M.
Fg.Off. C. Taylor                                                                   Sgt. Best B.
Fg.Off. W.R. Clayton-Jones                                                 Sgt. Maxted N.
Fg.Off. J.P. Busby                                                                Sgt. Hart M. B.E.M.
Fg.Off. T. Page                                                                     Sgt. Rowbottom L.
Fg.Off. R. Garthwaite                                                           Sgt. Bellamy C.
Fg.Off. A.J. Landon                                                             Sgt. Grainger-Phillips J.
Fg.Off. A.W.E. Johnston
            B. Flight                                                         Cpl. Graham J.         Cpl. Malpass D
Flt. Lt. A.J. Colvin                                                      Cpl. Idle B.               Cpl. Miskin K
Lt. T.F.B. Young (R.N.)                                              Cpl. Harrop F            Cpl. Martin J
Fg.Off. B.A.E. Sanderson                                         Cpl. Jenkins              Cpl. Olley A
Fg.Off. D. Exley                                                        Cpl. Kidd W               Cpl. Potter D
Fg.Off. W.B.C. Ritchie                                              Cpl. Kirk F W             Cpl. Webster K
Fg.Off. J. Pigdon                                                      Cpl. McGraw J. W     Cpl.T. Whitecross R.
Fg.Off. P. Leigh-Lancaster                                       Cpl. Mitchell P.W       Cpl. Woodford P
Fg.Off. B.D.D. Dunbar
Fg.Off. R.H. Biggs
Plt.Off. R. Lynn.
      Signed DFM BROWNE                                                   
      (D.F.M. BROWNE)                                                           
Squadron Leader                                                            
Officer Commanding                                                      
No. 93 Squadron.                                                            
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