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Calling Notice for 25Apr09 & Minutes of Annual General Meeting 15Nar08

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25 Apr 09


128 Piccadilly, London, W1J 7PY.
(100 yards E of Hyde Park Corner tube or 600 yds W of Green Park- Both Piccadilly Line).

1.  At Mick Ryan's behest I am writing to outline arrangements for the AGM to be held in the RAF Club on the 25th April 2009 starting at 1800 hours.   As this is our first time using the Club I hope we will have reasonable attendance, to date there 26 have indicated they will attend (list on the website) and hopefully the numbers will grow.   We have been given the President's Room which has its own private bar and dining room.   This does not cost us anything however.   Our bar will close at 2300 hrs but for the persistent the Cowdrey Lounge at the other end of the corridor will be serving drinks until mid-night.

I am afraid the Club have let me down at the last minute and will not allow the Running Horse items to be served in the function room upstairs.

Attendees do not have to have anything to eat and the only complication is that numbers must be ordered by next Tuesday - I am now told.

This coming Saturday 18th April 2009 - 124 Wing are holding their usual re-union in the Club and they have always had the following:


(These menus do not constitute a full meal and are designed for receptions only)

THE GAZELLE @ £18.00 per person

Assorted Sandwiches
Dim Sum with Hoi Sin Sauce
Mini Toad in the Hole with Mustard Dip
Goujons of Salmon with Tomato Butter Sauce
Mini Quiche Lorraine
Chicken and Sesame Lemon Sauce
Crostini of Tomato & Mozzarella

In addition to these finger snacks they can alternatively provide Steak sandwiches at £14.50 per head.

Please let me know what you or your party choose and pay me on the night.   I will have to buy them on Tuesday 21st April 2009.   If you opt not to buy any of the above, please do not partake of them on the night or there will not be enough to go around for those who have paid!

Look forward to seeing you on 25th!

2.  Before commenting on some other matters, just let me record that Harry Payne, known to us as Jack, died recently a few days before his 99th birthday.   Those who remember Jack from Jever days know what a stalwart he was in all he did.   Indeed, after leaving the service he continued to exercise his abilities in very varied aspects of civic life in several parts of the country.   Geoff Timms, who wisely married into Jack's family, and Jill arranged his funeral which, Sir John Sutton, Jeff Jeffrey and Audrey and I attended.   Bon voyage Jack.

3.  Turning to the AGM.   I thought it might be helpful to suggest some alternative accommodation possibilities for those of you who are not members of the Club or for those who are but may have left it a little late to book accommodation.   Mick has noted on the JSL web site the accommodation arrangements for the Club, so I will not repeat them.   I offer the following suggestions for those who may make a late decision to come and who the wish to stay the night in London.

4.  There are several other functions being held at the Club on the 25th and they have block bookings for accommodation which if not filled by the preceding Monday will then be made available for us.   If you do book through Mick, then please don't forget that if you decide at the last moment not to come to the AGM, you personally must cancel your accommodation by 1800hrs on Friday the 24th otherwise your credit will be even more crunched.

Alternative Accommodation

5.  Where web sites exist, I leave those of you on the net to look up the details.   I have included some basic information on the accommodation for those not on the net (whom Pete Jennings refers to as Luddites) so you will be able to contact the organisation of your choice.

6.  Caledonian Club.   The RAF Club has reciprocal arrangements with other clubs both in UK and overseas for RAF Club members only.   The Caledonian Club is one of them and is within easy walking distance of the Club, being at 9 Halkin Street Belgravia.   The telephone number is: 020 7235 51662 - however, do not deal direct with the Caledonian in the first instance.   I suggest you do that through Mick to avoid any booking cockups.   I have included the number so if you are accommodated there you can contact the Caledonian about your personal arrangements.   I have no order of costs but I would imagine they would be about the same as the RAF Club.

7.  Direct Hotels London -   Modestly calls itself the most popular hotels website for cheap hotels in London.   I suggest that if you are not on the net, you ask a relative of friend who is, if you can call round and see the website.   It would be easy for the person to book online for you.   There is a map showing where the hotels are.   Prices vary according to the 'Star' rating.   If you make a sudden late decision to attend call Direct Hotels on 087120001718.

8.  Victory Services Club -   The Victory Services Club is a Tri-Service, All Ranks Members' Club for currently serving and retired members of the Armed Forces, ideally located at Marble Arch in the heart of London's West End.   You will need to join (Single membership is £20 per annum through varying other categories to the most expensive Family [joint] £45 per annum).   It has been revamped and good accommodation and a wide range of facilities.

9.  Even if you are not coming to the AGM, it is worth noting that parents or children of serving or ex-service personnel can join in their own right under one of the membership categories, even though they have not been in any of the armed services.   So if you or one of you family take grandchildren (or in our family more accurately termed 'domestic terrorists') to London for treats just once a year you will more than likely break even.   Two visits and you are in the money.   Costs vary: a single room, including breakfast, is £39.50.and at the other end of the scale, a family room en suite with 2 adults plus 1 sprog is £144.50.   If you are not on the net, I recommend you do as I suggested above and ask a relative or friend who is to let you see the website.   You can then do a virtual tour.   It's a really good deal. Telephone 020 7616 8302.


10.  Very happily, Jeff Jeffrey, who has done so much for the JSL, is now back in general circulation with an entry in his 'personal' Form 700 of:   'Medically ground tested : found serviceable'.

11.  I hope the information on accommodation was useful and results in a good attendance at the AGM and that we will have an enjoyable evening.   See you there, hopefully.

12.  PLEASE WILL YOU FILL IN THE ATTACHED FORM AND SEND IT TO MICK.   Include written comments on the issues in advance if you wish - it would help.

I have the honour to be

Your Almost Obedient Chairman

Pat King

AGM 2009

To:      Mick Ryan, Far End, Chipstead Lane, Sevenoaks, Kent TN13 2RG
From:     ......................................................


AGM 25 April 2009

   I will/will not be attending.   Accompanied/unaccompanied


Please note that we will use email letters for 2008 onwards to all those who have email addresses and ordinary mail to those who do not so please keep us up to date.

Updates (Especially email)





Information Comments or Polite (PJPN) Suggestions


1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesRAF Club Room Booking Ref
  1. Pat King - President - Buffet1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesOwn Booking
  2. Audrey King - Buffet1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesOwn Booking
  3. Dougie Adamson
  4. Val Adamson
  5. Dickie Barraclough - Steak
  6. Jim Browne - No food
  7. Pete Bouch - Buffet1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesR10EBD.2
  8. Fred Butcher - No food
  9. Babs Butcher - No food
  10. Henry Chambers - Buffet1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesOwn Booking R10BD9
  11. Joy Chambers - Buffet1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesOwn Booking R10BD9
  12. Phil Crawshaw. - Bag of crisps!
  13. Katherine Dover, Charlie Powell's Sister - Buffet
  14. Nick Dover, Charlie Powell's Sister's husband. - Buffet
  15. Andrea Edmonds, Clam Clayton-Jones widow. - Buffet
  16. Christopher Edmonds, Clam Clayton-Jones son. - Buffet
  17. Norman Giffin - Buffet1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesR0EF15
  18. Ron Gray - Steak1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesOwn Booking R0BD76
  19. Delereen Gray - Steak1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesOwn Booking R0BD76
  20. Paddy Harbison - Buffet1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesR12B60
  21. Helen Harbison - Buffet1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesR12B60
  22. Roger Hymans - Buffet
  23. Helen Hymans - Buffet
  24. Pete Jarvis - No food1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesR0C939
  25. Richard Linton - Buffet
  26. Johnny Macknish - Buffet
  27. Ian Madelin
  28. Bill Maish - Buffet
  29. Paddy Minnis - No food
  30. Tony Pearce - No food1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesOwn Booking R0RD7B
  31. Mary Pearce - No food1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesOwn Booking R0RD7B
  32. Eric Pigdon - No food1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesR0BD0A.1
  33. Val Pigdon - No food1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesR0BD0A.1
  34. Al Pollock - Steak
  35. Lynne Quinton - Buffet1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesOwn booking R12388
  36. Robbie Roberts - Buffet1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesR0BD2B
  37. Ann Roberts - Buffet1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesR0BD2B
  38. Mick Ryan - Web Master - Buffet1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesR12AB5
  39. Jo Ryan - Buffet1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesR12AB5
  40. Chris Stone - Buffet1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesR0D5FE
  41. Toni Stone - Buffet1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesR0D5FE
  42. Mike Tyrrell
  43. Hilary Tyrrell
  44. Philip Westwell - Buffet1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesR10F72
28 + 16 ladies = 44 total 25 Buffet 4 Steak 10 No food 5 No choice
Apologies for Absence:
  1. Bob Barcilon
  2. Pete Barrow
  3. Tinkle Bell
  4. Bugs Bendell
  5. Brian Butterworth
  6. Ted Bywater
  7. George Clayton-Jones
  8. Brian Conway
  9. Bill Croydon
  10. Barry Dale
  11. Sam D'Arcy
  12. Bob Doe
  13. Peter Drummmond-Hay - hip operation
  14. Rodney Farley
  15. Alan Gleadon
  16. Ken Goodwin - operation
  17. Gil Gray
  18. Joy Harris
  19. Sir Patrick Hine - Australia
  20. Bob Holliday
  21. Jeff Jeffrey
  22. Pete Jennings
  23. Peter Jones
  24. Gunter Kipp
  25. Danny Lavender
  26. Alan Laycock
  27. Roger Lindsay
  28. David Lockspeiser
  29. Robbie Lynn
  30. Sam Newington
  31. Briony Newington
  32. AVM John Price
  33. ACM Sir Tom Prickett
  34. Margaret Rose
  35. Bunny St Aubyn
  36. Ken Senar
  37. Bill Shepperd - moving to Tunisia
  38. Brian Thornton
  39. Iain Tite
  40. Barrie Tonkinson
  41. Heather McIntyre
  42. Stan Wade
  43. Dave Watt

Pictures of AGM 2009 at the RAF Club, on 25th April 2009
(Thanks to Eric Pigdon, Ron Gray and Pete Bouch for them all.)

    A. Entrance to the RAF Club, 128 Piccadilly.
    B. Lower corridor looking towards the main entrance at the RAF Club.
    C. Room and Event Notice - RAF Club.
    D. President's Room where our food was served - RAF Club.
  1. Eric Pigdon, Johnny Macknish and Norman Giffin.
  2. Norman Giffin and Delereen Gray.
  3. Philip Westwell and Norman Giffin.
  4. Val Pigdon in the Cowdrey Lounge before the AGM.
  5. Robbie Roberts and his daughter Lynne Quinton in the Cowdrey Lounge before the AGM.
  6. Ann Roberts in the Cowdrey Lounge before the AGM.
  7. Mick Ryan, organising culprit and web master, blathering on about something.
  8. President Pat King speechifying, L to R: Helen Hymans, Roger Hymans back, Pat King, Chris Edmonds, Clam Clayton-Jones's son, Andrea Edmonds and forefront Jo Ryan.
  9. Helen Hymans and Philip Westwell.
  10. Bill Maish, Dickie Barraclough and Helen Hymans.
  11. Toni Stone and Val Pigdon.
  12. Jim Browne and Chris Stone.
  13. Helen Harbison and AVM Paddy Harbison, Flt Cdr 118 Sqn in WWII and AOC 11 Group visiting from USA.
  14. Hilary Tyrrell and Audrey King.
  15. Norman Giffin
  16. Delereen and Ron Gray.
  17. Norman Giffin and Johnny Macknish.
  18. Unknown back, Phil Crawshaw foreground, Jim Browne above, Toni Stone top of head, Val Pigdon, AVM Paddy Harbison and Helen Harbison.
  19. Robbie Roberts who celebrated his 80th birthday this year.
  20. Ann Roberts.
  21. Henry Chambers and Fred Butcher.
  22. Katherine Dover, Charlie Powell's younger Sister and Babs Butcher.
  23. Joy Chambers.
  24. Nick Dover, Charlie Powell's brother-in-law.
  25. Al Pollock.
  26. Richard Linton, airline captain friend of Al Pollock.
  27. Paddy Minnis and Mary Pearce.
  28. Val and Dougie Adamson.
  29. Ann Roberts and daughter Lynne Quinton.
  30. Robbie Roberts and Philip Westwell - the builders of RAF Jever.
  31. Henry Chambers telling his wife Joy how he went over the top under the watchful eye of an earlier Marshal of the Royal Air Force.
  32. Chris Stone, AVM Paddy Harbison back, Toni Stone, Val Pigdon, Helen Harbison back, Mick Ryan.
  33. Bill Maish, AVM Paddy Harbison and Dickie Barraclough.
  34. Norman Giffin and Johnny Macknish.
  35. The Golden Share which this year was awarded to Robbie Roberts in his 80th year.   Robbie headed the Airfield Construction Branch Squadron 5004 that extended RAF Jever's runway and built all the post-war buildings at Jever - such as the Ad Astra Cinema, the Swimming Pool, Brockzetel bunker and the downtown married quarters.   Robbie has also been one of the most regular attenders at our AGMs.   Theis Share Certificate was beautifully crafted by BeBe Sharman and the winner holds it for one year.
  36. Val Pigdon, Mick Ryan, Katherine and Nick Dover, (Charlie Powell's younger sister).
  37. Johnny Macknish and Eric Pigdon.
  38. Eric and Val Pigdon.
  39. Ann Roberts and Pat King.
  40. Dickie Barraclough and Tony Pearce.
  41. Lynne Quinton, Robbie Roberts' daughter.
  42. Al Pollock, Mick Ryan and Richard Linton.
  43. The new stained glass window in the RAF Club.
  44. Chris Stone's marvellous painting of a Lightning take-off which is hung at the head of the stairs in the RAF Club.
  45. General photo taken in the President's Bar before the food in the RAF Club.   Christopher Edmonds Clam Clayton-Jones' s son back, Roger Hymans, Eric Pigdon back, Andrea Edmonds Clam's wife with glasses, Val Pigdon back, Al Pollock side view.   Right foreground group: Toni Stone, Richard Linton, Pete Jarvis, Robbie Roberts seated, Jo Ryan.
  46. The call to food by the organiser Mick Ryan.
  47. The dining phase.
  48. Joy Chambers at the buffet.
  49. Andrea Edmonds, Bill Maish, Philip Westwell and Pat King.
  50. Chris Stone, Toni Stone, AVM Paddy Harbison back, Helen Harbison and Jo Ryan.
  51. Joy and Henry Chambers, Fred Butcher, Al Pollock back, Richard Linton and Pete Jarvis.
  52. Johnny Macknish, Norman Giffin, Ron and Delereen Gray, Hilary Tyrrell in background, Mike Tyrrell back, Audrey King hidden, Jim Browne and Phil Crawshaw.
  53. Katherine and Nick Dover back, Babs Butcher, Joy Chambers back, Henry Chambers and Fred Butcher.
  54. The President's address.   L to R: Philip Westwell and Pat King.
  55. Attentive audience during the President's address.   Hilary Tyrrell, Chris Stone, Toni Stone, Jim Browne, Mick Ryan background and Mike Tyrrell back.
  56. Pat King, our President, makes a tender point during his address.
  57. Chris Stone wonders?!.
  58. Jim Browne, Mick Ryan, Jo Ryan partly hidden, AVM Paddy Harbison back.
  59. Oh dear! I was only blinking.  Mick Ryan.
  60. Lynne Quinton, Ann Roberts, Dougie Adamson, Paddy Minnis, Mary Pearce, Robbie Roberts and Tony Pearce.
  61. Nick and Katherine Dover, Babs Butcher rear, Joy Chambers foreground, Henry Chambers and Fred Butcher.
  62. Val Pigdon, Mick Ryan back of head and Eric Pigdon.
  63. Mick Ryan banging on about the Golden Share which had just been awarded for 2009 to Robbie Roberts.
  64. Delereen and Ron Gray and Eric Pigdon.
  65. Norman Giffin, Ron Gray and Eric Pigdon.

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