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F540 Operations Record Book June 1953 NO 4 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2590 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
PLACE DATE TIME SUMMARY OF EVENTS                  COMPILING OFFICER   ___________________________ Refs

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R.A.F. JEVER 1.6.53.   By 10.00 Hours Jever Wing had set course for Paderborn from Gutersloh to begin the
final rehearsal for the coronation flypast.   We continued on to Munster and eventually
landed at Fassberg for lunch.   We went on to Hamburg and returned to Gutersloh.
                             Vampire Sorties  19 - 20.45 Hours.
  2.6.53.   A layer of strato cumulus impregnate with cumulonumbus were not ideal conditions for
a flypast.   However by 09.30 Hours we were all on our way for the first turning point.
          Almost immediately we ran into a heavy shower of rain and hoped that conditions were
not the same for the London crowds.   On the whole the flypast went quite well; the
main one over Hamburg was timed perfectly and according to all reports the formation
was also good.   We then continued on to Sylt and staged a small flypast of our own
in arrowhead for the benefit of the local inhabitants.
                                     Vampire Sorties  17 - 23.25 Hours
  3.6.53.   No flying.  
  4.6.53.   After the coronation celebration of the day before, large scores were not predicted.
          However as is very often the case the flag was hit pretty hard and large percentages
were obtained.
                                    Vampire Sorties  18 - 8.40 Hours
  5.6.53.   We are slightly behind schedule and so it has been decided to fire in trail.   This is
never a popular move because however much the circuit is standardised people are
bound by this time to have developed their little idiosyncrasies.   About midday two
of our aeroplanes returned to base dispersal with a distinctly WRENISH look about
them.   Apparently they had collided whilst firing but had managed to retain control.
                                                                     Vampire Sorties  35 - 17.35 Hours.
  6.6.53.   A full days flying again but we did not continue with firing in trail mainly because of
the weather.   The latter was certainly rather doubtful and made things rather difficult
     It is the responsibility of the towing pilot to put the ranges unserviceable if he
considers conditions are too bad.   The latter however are not always in a position to
appreciate the attacking pilots difficulties.
                           Vampire Sorties  25 - 11.40 Hours
  8.6.53.   The present vogue seems to be fixed ring sighting.   It enables one to get really close to the flag which is quite definitely the most important factor in hitting it.
           Vampire Sorties  34 - 17.40 Hours
  9.6.53.   Another good days firing with equally satisfactory results.   We are now a good "two
lengths" ahead of the other squadrons and still increasing our lead.   The question is
can we keep it up.
                            Vampire Sorties  47 - 26.25 Hours.
                            Meteor    Sorties    1 -     .20 Hours
  10.6.53.   Low cloud and drizzle plus many lines on the synoptic chart convinced the authorities
that there would be no firing and we were stood down.
                            Vampire Sorties  3 - 1.20 Hours
  11.6.53.   Again the weather was bad but we attempted to send off two pilots in the range but they
were abortive trips.   The remainder of the day was spent at lectures and films.
                            Vampire Sorties  2 - .30 Hours
  12.6.53.   We discovered this morning much to our delight that our Duncan Trophy average was
11.8% the highest up to date.   People started predicting an easy win, celebrations etc.
but after todays firing our average had rather ominously declined.
                           Vampire Sorties  23 - 12.05 Hours
  13.6.53.   The 13th and a bad day for the squadron we are beginning to lose our grip and
considering we should be in form the scores were pathetically poor.   The slightest
relaxation and ones accuracy falls off immediately.
                                   Vampire Sorties  41 - 20.35 Hrs
  15.6.53.        Our last day at Sylt and a chance to redeem ourselves for the recent low scores.
    They were towing very much higher than usual and also we could not regain the old
touch.   Our Duncan Trophy average has reduced to 10.5% and the squadron average was
8.4% the C.O. quite easily headed the average and there were quite a number of people
with 10% or 11%.   On the whole it had been quite a successful detachment and our
average easily topped the other squadrons.
                                     Vampire Sorties  33 - 17.00 Hours
                                     Meteor    Sorties    2 -   1.15 Hours
  16.6.53.   At 14.00Hours we were briefed for the return to Jever.   We had our final look at
Sylt from the air and then flew over base, in formation.
                                 Vampire Sorties  19 - 10.45 Hours
  17.6.53.   No general flying today to enable us to settle back at Jever.   In point of fact there
was a trip back to Sylt to collect one of the unserviceable aircraft.
                                 Vampire Sorties  1 -  .05 Hrs
                                 Meteor    Sorties  3 -  1.10 Hours.
  18.6.53.   Low stratus prevented much flying in the early part of the morning but when the
weather cleared we spent most of the time down at Meppen Range.   The results were
not as good as they have been mainly through lack of practice.
                                   Vampire Sorties  21 -  12.40 Hrs
  19.6.53.   Station Sports day and as those pilots who were competing in the afternoon were allowed
a respite in the morning in order to conserve their energy.   The remainder took part
in an exercise which was virtually a cross country over Holland.   We hoped to be
intercepted by Dutch and Belgian meteors and Thunderjets but we did not see as much
as one solitary aircraft.
                                Vampire Sorties 7 - 10.45 Hours
  20.6.53.   No flying.   Station 48.  
  22.6.53.   Besides being the beginning of a new week it also heralds the start of the new times of
readiness for Battle Flight.   No. 4 Squadron had the privilege of being on the first
morning shift and as a consequence we did not do much flying during the day.   However
there were quite a few individual trips including cross countries and aerobatics.
                                Vampire Sorties 18 - 12.15 Hours
                                Meteor    Sorties   4 - 1.45 Hours
  23.6.53.   Our primary task today was to revert to our normal role of ground attack, and so most
of the sorties were devoted to low level Battle formation and simulated attacks on
opportunity targets.
                                Vampire Sorties 18 - 12.45 Hours
  24.6.53.   The mornings flying was devoted entirely to Battle Flight.   It was a wonderful day
and we made quite a few interceptions.   Our playmates were flying a very wide formation
which somewhat simplified our attacks.
                                       Vampire Sorties 21   17.35 Hours
  25.6.53.   We are earmarked for a rocket demonstration in the U.K. probably at West Raynham.
In anticipation of this we spent as much time at the range today as the weather allowed.
         It has now been decided to use gyro instead of fixed with which we had been
getting quite good results.
                          Vampire Sorties 9     6.30 Hours
  26.6.53.   Again we have the range the whole day but in the morning the weather gradually
deteriorated towards the South so that the cloud base was not sufficiently high enough
for rocketing.   However the R.A.F. Regiment went out on an exercise which took them on
a circular route to the north of base.   All the morning 'Catfish' aircraft roamed up &
down these roads attacking any targets that presented themselves.
                                Vampire Sorties  33    21.40 Hours (Day)
                                Vampire Sorties  16    11.35 Hours (Night)
  27.6.53.   Station Commanders parade followed by the normal end of month flap of filling in
  29.6.53.   The five pilots who are going on the demonstration spent as much time as possible
practising low level battle formation and pull ups on various targets in the low
flying area.   We endeavoured to borrow the range for one trip but unfortunately it
was engaged already.   Other sorties consisted of aerobatics and I.F.
                                Vampire Sorties  22    14.55 Hours
                                Meteor    Sorties    2 -  1.55 Hours
  30.6.53.   We are still continuing to practice these dummy attacks and now seem to have got the
procedure weighed up.   We put in one live attack on Meppen Range which although not
very good as regards accuracy was not altogether discouraging.   We hope to make many
more live attacks in the next couple of days before departure for U.K.
                          Vampire Sorties  36 - 23.50 Hours (Day)
                          Vampire Sorties  16 -   7.15 Hours (Night)
                          Meteor    Sorties    1 -      .55 Hours.
                     The beginning of this month started with a royal occasion in which No 4 Squadron
played a small part.,   The press photographs of the flypast over Hamburg clearly showed
the precision flying of the Jever Wing supported by Fassberg and Ahlhorn in what can
only be assumed as battle formation.
         It was a very considerable loss to the squadron when we bade farewell to Flt.Lt.
last month.   He was the oldest member of the Squadron and had completed a
tour on it.   F/O Vasey has taken over from him and has already proved himself as a
worthy successor in forming a Flight rocketing team.   The first fortnight of the
month was the completion of the Sylt detachment and the disappointment in not winning
the Duncan Trophy.   Back at Jever we welcomed a new pilot P/O Simms and practiced as
much rocketing as possible.   The target for the month was exceeded by at least
80 hours.
                 Total   Vampire   Sorties  579  -  340.45 Hours (Day)
                 Total   Vampire Sorties    34  -       21.55 Hours (Night)
                 Total   Meteor    Sorties    21  -       13.45 Hours
                 Total Hours -                                  378.25 Hours.

   Compiled by.....P J C Phillips........FG.OFF.        Authorised By..GGLee....Flt.Lt.
                          (P J C Phillips)                                                           (G.G. LEE)
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