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F540 Operations Record Book October 1960
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2803 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
PLACE             DATE TIME        SUMMARY OF EVENTS                         COMPILING OFFICER. Fg Off Tonkinson
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			         During the first week of the month the Squadron carried out air to 
			    ground firing at Strohen range.  About 70% of the rounds were fired on 
			    precision shots, the remainder on operational attacks.   From 11th to 17th 
			    the Squadron was on Battle Flight, there were two scrambles, one for a 
			    German Air Force aircraft which entered the A.D.I.Z.
			    During the 
			    A HREF="./glossary.htm#BattleFlight">Battle Flight period Squadron training held
			    the emphasis on high level battle formation, cine weave and 1/4 attacks.&
			    Thursday 18th: the Squadron flew six aircraft on 4 v 2 combat.   Low cloud and poor
			    visibility prevented flying in the latter part of the third week.   On Monday, 24th the week
			    was started with a Squadron formation of 12 aircraft.   Photographs were taken from a 
			    T.7 chase aircraft, unfortunately there was not time to complete the intended formation
			    changes before a recall owing to deteriorating weather at Jever.
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                                          The 93 Sqn F540 mentions the squadron flying a 12-ship formation on 24Oct60.   I remembered I
                                          had a photograph of that event.   The F540 mentions that it had to be curtailed due to poor
                                          weather closing in at Jever.   The photograph does indeed show us all between layers and above
                                          low cloud cover.   My log book confirms that we all had to recover in pairs GCAs.
                                          (Thanks to Chris Stone.) [Not in original F540].
			    In the last week of the month the Squadron started
			    to operate its aircraft with 4 x 100 gal. tanks.   High/Low strikes were made on targets
			    in the U.K.   Sections of four fly out at high level and let down to make a landfall in
			    East Anglia;  the run into the target being made at low level in Uxbridge I area.   The
			    withdrawal is made at low level and the climb back to height started just short of the
			    coast.   So far all these sorties have been highly successful.   Exercise Amled
			    flown on 27th.   3 F.84 F's and 8 Canberras were claimed.
			    			      Hours Flown
			    		       Day       Nite       Total	       Sorties
			     Hunter F.6	    312.15      13.25     325.40        302
			     Hunter T.7	      28.25       2.20       30.45         32
			     Total  	    340.40      15.45     356.25        334    

I.   Air to Ground Precision Operational









II.  Administration

     On Thursday, 13th the Station Commander inspected the Squadron and was complementary in his remarks. Friday 21st:  together with the rest of the wing the Squadron paid the Dutch Air Force a return visit at Leeuwarden.    Fg.Off. Ashwood attended the Aviation Medicine Course.

III.  Personal

     Flt.Lt. Hardie joined the Squadron on Tuesday, 4th.  Flt.Lt. J.T. Hall left the Squadron on Wednesday 19th to take up his flight commander appointment on No. 43 Sqn. Fg.Off. Fahey carried out Swift familiarisation with No. 2 Sqn. which he joins on the disbandment of No. 93 Sqn.   On Monday 31st October Flt.Lt. Sneddon and Fg.Off. Crane joined the Sqn.   Flt.Lt. Ryan won the Sqn. cine trophy.

IV.  General & Social

     A committee (Fg.Off's. Ashwood, Haig and Tonkinson) was set up to organise a disbandment party.   At a Sqn. Dinner night on Friday 28th, Flt.Lt. Paddy Hine was dined out, Flt.Lt. Hardie & Flt.Lt. Sneddon were dined in.

Signature O Bergh                
(M.O. Bergh)                       
Squadron Leader                  
Officer Commanding              
No. 93 Squadron.