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F540 Operations Record Book March 1953 NO 112 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2588 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                          COMPILING OFFICER..P/O. J.E.A. JENKINS... REFS TO APPENDICES
BUTZWEILERHOF 2.3.53   After last months disappointing weather the sunshine was very welcome and
advantage was taken of the conditions.   Several formation sorties were flown.   P/O
returned from the WINTER SURVIVAL COURSE.
  No flying because of adverse weather.   Packing and last "recce's" of Cologne.  
JEVER 6.3.53   Today the air party returned to Jever in spite of agitation in certain quarters
to prolong the very enjoyable Cologne attachment until Monday.   Some consolation
was found in that we were able to land on a real smooth runway again.   P/O
joined the squadron from 229 O.C.U. CHIVENOR.
  7.3.53   Unpacking continued.   Pilots helped in removing rockets and tanks.  
  9.3.53   This week saw the beginning of an intensive period of instrument flying with a
view to renewing the nine expired ratings on the squadron.   The remainder of the
unloading was done, and the ground crew worked hard to get the Vampires ready
for flying.
  10.3.53   Some Vampire flying, but Meteor flying was temporary priority.   F/L McConnell and
four hardy specimens logged a few vintage hours in the Station Tiger.   Unfortunately
at the end of the day the tail skid was missing.   The weather was excellent.
(We could use the sun).
  11.3.53   Poor weather, suited I.F. in the Meteor.  
  12.3.53   Overcast weather in the morning, Met briefing was followed by an "objective (?)"
type A.T.C. questionnaire.,  P/O's Le Breton and Hancock were lent to number 4
for Battle Flight whilst the rest of the squadron did some formation flying,
and fired on the range.   F/L Holmes regained his Green rating.
  13.3.53   Meppen range was open today and 8 rockets were fired.   The new pilots were
introduced to Air to Ground cannon firing.   Considering the lack of recent practice
the scores were reasonable.
17.3.53   After the practice fly-past for H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh F/O Hancock had
engine failure whilst rejoining the circuit and force landed on the undershoot
area - he broke one arm.
[Not in F540: Vampire VZ115 112 Sqn. RAF Jever.   The aircraft crashed and overturned after the engine failed during the approach.   Extract from Colin Cummings book "Last Take-Off".]
  19.3.53   With the first air exercise of the year "JUNGLE KING", the members of the squadron
who were not on the fly-past at Wunstorf, liaised with No. 4 Squadron to provide
an eight aircraft Battle Flight,   Some Lincolns were intercepted, but flying largely
took the form of P.I.'s.
  20.3.53   In the morning six sorties were flown at Meppen Range.   Both R.P. and Cannon
were fired, but after lunch the weather clamped and we were limited to formation
flying.   P/O Lydiate joined the squadron from Chivenor.   He has a Short Service Commission.
  23.3.53   P/O Lydiate had his first Vampire flight with the squadron but other flying was
curtailed by a thick haze which deteriorated further after mid-morning.
  30.3.53   The weather was very changeable during the day- mostly Cumulus cloud.   Local
and low level sorties were flown.
                  After the Squadron return from Butzweilerhof, the main flying effort was
                  devoted to instrument flying and re-ratings.

             During the month several inspections were held and the moral was fairly
               Sport was curtailed by bad weather and flying commitments.

          Sqn. Ldr.IBolton D.F.C.                        Fg. Off.  C.G.D. Jonklass           8 S.N.C.O.'s
          Flt.    Lt. R.B. Robinson                        Fg. Off.  B.J.      Concannon      8 Cpl's.
          Flt.    Lt. J       McConnell                      Fg. Off.  S.D.      Le Breton       66 O.R's
          Flt.    Lt. T.G.D.  Dawkins                     Fg. Off.  J.K.       Beaumont
          Flt.    Lt. W.G. Holmes                          Plt. Off.  J.B.A.   Jenkins
          Fg. Off.E.D.    Creswick                       Plt. Off   E.S.    Knowles
          Fg. Off.  K.A.   Williamson                   Plt. Off.  B.   Lydiate
          Fg. Off.  L.R.   Francis
          Fg. Off.A.D.R. Dawes

                                                                                          (I.D. BOLTON)
     ;                                                                                    Squadron Leader,
                                                                                          Officer Commanding,
                                                                                          N0.   112   Squadron. 

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