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F540 Operations Record Book October 1953 NO 93 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2636 Microfilm Row 1 Draws 52-71 from Duncan Curtis
PLACE DATE TIME SUMMARY OF EVENTS                    COMPILING OFFICER  Flt.Lt. H.B. Iles.                 REF. TO

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Thursday     The cloud base was again 400ft. so ground lectures were given.  Battle
was manned only.
  2nd.   Friday     Fog and bad weather prevented flying.  Battle Flight were put at 15 minutes
availability.  A Jungle Survival film was shown.
  3rd   Saturday     The first parade since the Air Officer Commanding's Inspection was held
followed by a lecture.
  4th.  . Sunday     No.4 Squadron challenged us at soccer, and they won a good game 5-2.
Pilot Officer Exley joined the Squadron.
  5th.   Monday     Better weather permitted "A" Flight to spend the morning on cine sorties,
ranging and tracking.  "B" Flight had the aircraft in the afternoon, same exercises.
All the new pilots made sector recces ending with a Q.G.H.  Pilot Officer HANNAH took
part in an interception with No.4 Squadron's Battle Flight this afternoon.  Two good
attacks were made.  Flight Lieutenant H.B. Iles joined the Squadron, arriving cross-
wind in the one and only Miles M-18, his own.  A C.F.S. team also arrived.
  6th.   Tuesday     Cloud covered the area up to 15,000 feet but the base was reasonable and
the cine programme of ranging and tracking continued.  Low-level cross-countries and
aerobatic sorties were made.  Flt.Lt. Pearch gave Flt.Lt. Iles his first Meteor ride.
"A" Flight flew by night; five cross-countries and four Q.G.H.s.
  7th.   Wednesday     The C.F.S. team flew with Flying Officer Wood and Pilot Officer Ramsay
and Hickman, a cross-section of the Squadron, like the three bears.  The pilots stood
down for a sports afternoon, but some ground crews returned to prepare the aircraft
for cannon firing at Meppen Range tomorrow.
  8th.   Thursday     The weather has improved considerably.  With little wind or turbulence
conditions at Meppen Range are ideal for cannon work.  The first two formations
returned without firing as Meppen R/T was U/S.  After repairs precision attacks were
made until mid-day, and then R/P and Cannon attacks were done.  The C.F.S. team
checked Flying Officer Bates and Pilot Officer Bell.  Flight Lieutenant Kendall and
Flight Lieutenant McNeale (C.F.S.) also made a sortie to Meppen;  Their scores
encouraged us.
  9th. Friday "A" Flight were on Battle Flight today.  Flight Lieutenant Paterson led, but could
not contact Facecream so Flying Officer Wood took over.  Three good practice
interceptions were made.  Flight Lieutenant Paterson's R.T. went u/s. in the same
way on the second sortie on which four P.I.s' were made, two ending in a tail chase.
"B" Flight spent the day on aerobatics and Q.G.H.s.  Pilot Officer Exley made his
first flights with the Squadron, a Meteor dual check and sector recce.  Several new
pilots also went on Sector recces.
  10th. Saturday      Squadron Leader Allen left for the United Kingdom on a course.  
  11th. Sunday      Stand-down.  
  12th. Monday      Poor visibility this morning did not interfere with the cine ranging and tracking
programme.  Flying Officer Bates led a close and battle formation.  Several
aerobatic sorties were flown, and Flying Officer Wood made a Meteor I.F. Sortie with
Flying Officer Wallace.  In the evening in the Malcolm Club the pilots dined out
Flying Officer Don Standish, who was leaving the Squadron for demobilisation.
  13th. Tuesday      A" Flight spent the morning ranging and tracking, "B" Flight flew aerobatic and
sector recce sorties.  Flight Lieutenant Paterson led a four, each simulating a
pair on snake climb and descent.
  14th. Wednesday      Bad weather, low cloud, prevented any flying.  Thus the heavy programme arranged
for Meppen range was cancelled.  During sports afternoon the Squadron 'B' soccer
team lost 3-1 to Technical Wing.  We welcome Pilot Officers Pat Whitelaw and Eric
to the Squadron.
  15th.   Thursday     Up early this morning for a road trip to SENNELAGER for a weapons
demonstration.  This was postponed before we started owing to fog, which also
prevented us from flying today.  This afternoon aircrew played groundcrew at soccer,
aircrew leading 3-0 at half-time.  The groundcrew scored two quick goals, but
aircrew prevailed, 5-2.
  16th.   Friday     At 06.30 hours 30 Squadron members, half aircrew, half groundcrew, set
off for the weapons demonstration at SENNELAGER.  On arrival we found it had again
been postponed, and on starting back the coach broke down so we put in to Royal Air
Force SUNDERN, and the pilots were shown round No.2 Group Operations Room.  We
started back at 17.00 hours, arriving just after midnight, after a meal en route.
  17th.   Saturday     Station Commander's Parade.  
  18th.   Sunday     The Squadron Soccer Team drew 3-3 with Flying Wing.  
  19th. Thursday. Monday     Fog and low stratus prevented flying, so lectures were laid on, and the
day finished in the gym.  Squadron Leader Allen returned from the United Kingdom.
  20th.   Tuesday     Same weather, similar programme.  In the afternoon Squadron Leader
discussed and detailed secondary Squadron duties.  A session of P.T. and
basket-ball in the gym finished the afternoon.  Sergeant Thomas went by Volks to
FASSBERG for a Vampire.
  21st.   Wednesday     Again the same weather.  The pilots heard a lecture by Wing Commander
and were shown round the Air Traffic and Wing Ops. caravans, and browsed
in the Intelligence Library.  During sports afternoon we played soccer against
the Sergeants Mess, winning handsomely 9-3.
  22nd.   Thursday     The low stratus had cleared this morning and four aircraft took off but
were quickly recalled as the weather deteriorated rapidly.  The pilots spent most
of the afternoon in the gym.  Sergeant Thomas is still at FASSBERG waiting for the
weather to clear.  We lost Pilot Officers Price, Hickman, Exley, Senar and Macknish
to play hockey near Hamburg.  Due back on Sunday.
  23rd.   Friday     A ground programme on Vampire electrics and Radio waves was arranged in
the morning.  Two weather tests were flown, but the only Squadron flying was two
height-climbs in the afternoon.
          Sergeant Thomas brought an aged Vampire from FASSBERG.  In the Officers
Mess in the evening we dined out Flying Officer Bates and Flying Officer Wood, also
Pilot Officer Ridgeway who had words of praise from Wing Commander Coulson on his
short but active time with the Squadron as a National Serviceman.  We welcomed the
many new pilots to the Squadron.
  24th.   Saturday     A sombre morning.  We sharpened up with an hour's drill following a
Wing parade.  There was a short ground programme.  Pilot Officer Sanderson
distinguished himself in the Station Rugby game against EINDHOVEN, we won 39-0.
Pilot Officer Couch left for Meppen Range as Officer i/c. for a week.  We held a
farewell party for Pilot Officer Ridgeway from 19.30 on - mostly on - in the Officers
Club in JEVER.
  25th.   Sunday     Stand-down.  
  26th.   Monday     An early start was made for SENNELAGER weapons demonstration again,
but only the radar bombing was on; a 300 foot cloud-base and 1100 yards visibility
(at GUTERSLOH) prevented the low level aircraft from attacking.  Pilot Officer
left this morning, and Flying Officer Bates and Flying Officer Wood issued
pink and purple tickets in the Mess to-night.
  27th.   Tuesday     Fair but hazy weather permitted 23 sorties and 17 hours flying, much of it
formation pairs.  Four pilots went to FASSBERG in the Anson and brought back four
shiny Vampires.

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Co-incidental photograph taken that day by 118 Sqn Airframe Fitter James Robinson,
who was at Fassberg at the time, posing in the cockpit with a helmet and Engine Fitter
SAC Morris sitting on the wing.  [This photo not in F540, added by the web site].  (Click to see the fuller story).

  Pilot Officers Pigdon and Whitelaw took the air for the first time
with the Squadron.  (Dual in the Meteor, but definitely separately).  Night flying
was cancelled as visibility dropped.
  28th.   Wednesday     We used the range hard in the morning, and took advantage of good
weather and serviceability to fly in the afternoon, though the Squadron Soccer match
went on against Administrative Wing - we won - 4-1.  Squadron Leader Allen opened his
doors to a Squadron farewell party for Flying Officers Bates and Wood and Sergeant
Thomas.  Tankards were exchanged.
  29th.   Thursday     Bad weather and a Met. lecture prevented morning flying, but the
afternoon was better and was finished by a Squadron balbo of 8 giving a number of
nice fly-pasts.  Flying Officers Bates and Wood finally left.  We attended the
2nd. T.A.F. Novices Boxing Competition in the evening.
  30th.   Friday     Another foggy morning with a ground programme.  In the afternoon we made
nine cannon rocket sorties on the range, but one was recalled due to poor visibility
and low cloud expected at base.  We flew again almost immediately.  Seven other
assorted flights were made today.
  31st.   Saturday     Fog prevented any flying, so after the Station parade we did all the
usual end-of-month jobs.
      Hours flown
                       Meteor       28.05 hours.             Vampire       234.30 hours.

Total Sorties                   330.

Rounds fired                  3045.
R/P                                     113.

     There is little to comment on this month from the point of view of
administration.  The large influx of new officers and the departure of some older
members necessitated a complete re-organisation of Squadron secondary duties.
The arrival of new ground crews and administrative personnel has improved
the manning position and we are now operating 18 aircraft with 3 in
reserve.  It is anticipated that the full complement of aircraft will
be operating by the end of the year.
Movements, Visits, etc.
Flight Lieutenant H.B. Iles.              - Joined Squadron - 5th.
Pilot Officer D Exley.                          - Joined Squadron - 5th.
Pilot Officer A.C. Ramsay.            )  - Returned from detachment with R.N.
Pilot Officer B.A.E. Sanderson.    )  - Cuxhaven (Exercise Mariner - 6th.
Squadron Leader R.N.G. Allen.      - Course in U.K. - 10th-19th..
Flight Lieutenant K.M. Pearch.        - Leave                 - 12th-17th.
Flying Officer D.V. Standish.            - Posted out for demobilisation - 14th.
Pilot Officer J.B. Pigdon.)
Pilot Officer P.Whitelaw. )                - Joined Squadron - 14th.
Pilot Officer W.E. Bell.                      - Leave                      - 16th.-26th.
Pilot Officer B.G. Revnell.                - Leave from 16th.
Flight/Sergeant C.J. Telfer.  )
           Sergeant R.G. Knight.)         - Returned from leave 17th.
Flight/Sergeant W.R. Shrubsole.  - Returned from leave 19th.
Pilot Officer K.B. Senar.             )
Pilot Officer G.E. Hickman.       )        - Detached with Hockey team to
Pilot Officer J.E. Macknish.       )          Holland and Hamburg.     23rd.
Pilot Officer    D.Exley.                )
Pilot Officer F.C. Price.               )
Pilot Officer G.C. Couch.                    - Meppen Range Safety Officer - 24th.-31st.
Pilot Officer D. Ridgeway.                  - Posted to U.K. for demobilisation - 26th.
Pilot Officer R.S. Hannah.                  - Leave from 26th.
Flying Officer Bates. )
Flying Officer Wood. )                          - Posted out - 29th.
      Nominal Roll of Pilots.

                             Officer Commanding - Squadron Leader R.N.G. Allen, D.F.C..

                              "A" Flight.                                                               "B" Flight.

                        Flt.Lt.   A.W.   Paterson.                                     Flt.Lt.  K.M.  Pearch.
                        Fg.Off. A.R.    Wallace.                                       Flt.Lt.  H.B.  Iles.
                        Fg.Off. R.S.   Hannah.                                       Plt.Off. K.B.  Senar.
                        Plt.Off. W.E.  Bell.                                               Plt.Off. A.C.  Ramsay.
                        Plt.Off.      T.  Balfour                                          Plt.Off. B.J.   Revnell..
                        Plt.Off. G.J.   Couch.                                          Plt.Off. B.A.E. Sanderson.
                        Plt.Off. W.G.  Mitchell.                                        Plt.Off.    D.   Exley.
                        Plt.Off. D.H.   Harper.                                         Plt.Off. J.E.   Pigdon.
                        Plt.Off. P.T.   Whitelaw.                                      Plt.Off. J.E.   Macknish.
                        Plt.Off. J.S.C. Davis.                                          Plt.Off. F.C.   Price.
                           F/Sgt. W.R. Shrubsole..                                 Plt.Off. G.E.  Hickman.
                           F/Sgt. C.J.   Telfer.                                                Sgt. R.G. Knight.

Signed RNG Allen                                              
(  R.N.G. ALLEN.)                                                 
Squadron Leader,                                               
Officer Commanding, No.93 Squadron,                   
Royal Air Force,         Station,        JEVER.                 

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