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F540 Operations Record Book April 1960 NO 4 SQUADRON.
RAF Museum Hendon. Holds 2nd copy of F540 1945 to 1970.
PLACE DATE TIME SUMMARY OF EVENTS                                     COMPILING OFFICER   __Flt. Lt. J.R. Walker___ Refs
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Royal Air Force
April, 1960  INTRODUCTION  
      1.     A good month during which the Squadron flew a variety of missions and narrowly
missed achieving the Squadron target.
      2.     Operational training this month commenced with the flying pair and four-ship
low-level strike missions.  A high standard of accuracy of both navigation and
attack were attained by all Squadron Pilots.  An air combat phase followed during
which a number of four-ship Sorties were flown against the 71 st. Fighter Wing
German Air Force ALHORN who operate the SABRE 6.  This proved very interesting and new
tactics were tried which proved fairly successful.  Towards the end of the month
some Cine Weave Sorties were flown in order to keep in practice on this attack which
is so important at the armament Practice Camp at Sylt.
3.     The main event of the month was the detachment of eight aircraft of the Squadron
to the Royal Norwegian Air Force at RYGGE, an airfield some 30 miles south of OSLO.
Flying was done to the extent of 67.00 hours (62 Sorties) this month from RYGGE during
which the Squadron worked with the Norwegian Air Defence System.  Other flying
included some low flying in most interesting mountainous terrain and a small amount of
air combat.  In the combat flying our initial enthusiasm at our apparent success
was tempered by the knowledge that some of our Norwegian opponents were equipped with
"SIDEWINDERS" air to air missiles.
4.     A total of 314.40 Hours and 292 Sorties were flown.
5.     Main administration work occurred towards the end of the month in preparation for
the A.O.C.'s inspection due to take place early in May.  The car park was moved and
plans formulated to convert the present quagmire between the Squadron and the Line
office into a "lupin" garden.  There is, however, some debate on the Squadron as to
whether these plans are in season.
6.     Flight Lieutenant R.W. Millward left for G.A.F. ALHORN where he is to be N.A.T.O.
Advisor to the 71 st. Fighter Wing.
7.     Flight Lieutenant B.R. Williams left upon completing his service and returns to
civy street.
8.     Flight Lieutenant J.J. Tyrrell assumes command of 'B' Flight.
9.     Flying Officer J. Carnegie attended the Unit Hunter Simulator Course.
10.     The following officers took leave during the month:-
                                   Flt.Lt. T.H. Watson
                                   Fg.Off. W.R.R. Anderson.
      11.     The Squadron Aircrew Football Team were beaten in the semi-final of the Aircrew
cup by 9 - 0.  However, the Squadron maintains its amateur status by displaying an
excellent sense of humour throughout.
12.     During the Norwegian detachment, Flight Lieutenant J.B. Thornton, Flying Officers
and Carnegie visited BODO an airfield north of the Arctic Circle.  They were
followed closely by Flight Lieutenant Hopkins who had to go there to start one of the
Aircraft for the return journey.
4sqnpic641.jpg, 17302 bytes 13.     Flying Officers Jennings, Holliday and Martin assure us that the Norwegians
attached to Jever on exchange from 322 and 326 Squadron R.W.O.A.F. enjoyed their
visit to Germany and particularly the hospitality of the Mess.

RJ Spiers                                                
    (R.J. SPIERS)                                              
Squadron Leader,                                       
O.C. No. 4 Squadron.                                 
Royal Air Force, Jever.