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F540 Operations Record Book October 1956 NO 98 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2640 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                                     Compilation Officer:   Fg. Off PA. BARROW. REFS TO APPENDICES
RAF Sylt 1956

1st Oct.

A total of 39 sorties of Air to Air firing was flown to day at 20,000ft. which produced
a daily average of 6.6%.   The progressive high level average at this point is 5.7% and
and the stoppage rate is 453.
  Tuesday 2nd  " Considerable cloud cover and the use of the 'Merry go Round' range due to there being only
one G.C.I. set serviceable prevented more than 16 sorties being flown of which only 6
sorties were effective.
  Wed. 3rd  " A further 34 Air to Air sorties were flown today of which 21 were effective.   The
remaining sorties were abortive as a result of aircraft unserviceability, G.C.I.
unserviceability or damaged flags.
  Thurs. 4th  " During today 24 effective Air to Air sorties were flown out of a total of 30 sorties.
A total of 6 sorties were cancelled due to weather and a further by aircraft unserviceability.
  Fri . 5th The weather today consisted of a large amount of cumulo nimbus type cloud extending
from 1500ft to 2300ft. as a result towing was being done at altitudes in excess of
2500ft. and only one effective sortie was flown.   A further 12 cine sorties and 4 battle
sorties were flown.
  Sat. 6th  " Of 27 sorties flown today 18 were considered effective.   The daily average was 10.2%
and the progressive stoppage rate was 496.
  Mon. 8th  " There was no range flying today owing to G.C.I. being unserviceable throughout the day.  
  Tues. 9th " Some 38 air firing sorties were flown today of which 31 were effective.   The progressive
high level average was 7.5% and the stoppage rate 507.
  Wed. 10th A further 39 Air to Air sorties were flown with 11 non-effective sorties due to
visibility and flag unserviceability.
  Thurs. 11th During today the squadron flew 37 Air to Air sorties of which 34 were effective.   The
daily average was 11.6% and the stoppage rate 532.
  Fri. 12th Poor visibility prevailed throughout the day but 25 effective sorties were possible
and 2 non-effective before the low cloud stopped flying entirely.
  Sat. 13th This morning 12 sorties were flown all of which were effective and the daily average was 10%.  
  Monday 15th oct This morning the Double Rearm practice was carried out amounting to 16 sorties with
8 aircraft firing at glider targets.   The turn round and rearm times were 11 mins. 48 secs
and 12 mins 15 secs.   In the afternoon 11 sorties were flown at flag targets to complete
the required number of sorties for each pilot.   This detachment ended with a high level
average of 8.6%, low level 6.9%, 52163 rounds were fired with 99 stoppages giving a
stoppage rate of 527.
  Tues. 16th During the morning the ground equipment was packed preparatory to the departure from Sylt.
During the afternoon the Squadron flew out 12 aircraft to Jever.
RAF Jever Wed. 17th A limited flying programme was carried out owing to lack of ground equipment, sorties
consisted of battle formation although the weather limited even this.   Flying ceased at
mid-day with 10 sorties flown.
  Thurs. 18th Low cloud and poor visibility limited flying throughout the day to 7 sorties of cine
exercises and weather checks.
  Fri. 19th A fair flying day with 24 sorties completed of battle formation, practice interceptions
and cine exercises.
  Sat. 20th Squadron standown until 13.30, 22nd October.  
  Mon. 22nd Flying commenced at 1400 hours and 11 individual sorties were flown of mach runs,
aerobatics, Q.G.H.'s and G.C.A.'s.   Night flying consisted of both local night and high
level cross country sorties.
  Tues 23rd Amber 3 conditions existed during most of the day with both low cloud and poor visibility.
This limited flying to green cards at two pairs per squadron.   A total of 17 sorties were
flown of cine exercises and practice interceptions.
  Wed. 24th Bad weather prevented flying, ground training and sports were carried out.  
  Thurs 25th A good flying day with 42 sorties flown.   These consisted of high and low level battle
, practice interceptions, cine exercises, and individual trips.
  Fri. 26th Flying this morning consisted of battle formation, cine exercises and low flying.
Total flying for today consisted of 20.50 hours.   Flying ceased at 11.00 hours to enable
the pilots to take part in the escape and evasion exercise which took place between
1600 hours on the 26th to 1200 hours on the 28th.
    29th Low cloud and bad visibility covered the north German plain and only four sorties of cine
were flown.
    30th Amber 1 conditions existed for a greater part of the day due to CR.D/F. unserviceability.
Flying consisted of battle formation and cine exercises.   In all 34 sorties were flown.
    31st Flying during the morning consisted of high level battle formation, cine exercises and
individual details of mach runs, aerobatics Q.G.H.'s and G.C.A.'s.   In all 13 sorties were
flown.   The afternoon was devoted to sport.
                                                               FLYING HOURS
  Operational Day           364.25                       Instrument Flying (Actual)      30.25
  Operational (Night)           9.50                      Instrument Flying (Simulated) 5.05
  Training Type                   20.05                     Other Pilots                                  5.55
    4th Oct. Fg/Off R.Shore detached to Leconfield for the P.A.I.course.  
    16th Fg. Off. P.B. Maillard to the U.K. on repatriation.  
    22nd Fg. Off. D.A.W. Todman left for the Aviation Medicine course at Wildenwrath.  
    25th Fg. Off. C.P. Sanderson repatriated to the U.K.  
    24th Fg. Off. W.S. Whittaker left for P.C. Medical Board at Wegburg.  
    24th Fg. Off. W.S. Whittaker returned from Wegburg.   Fg. Off. D.A.W. Todman returned from
Wildenwrath.   Fg. Off. E. Bywater and Fg. Off. J.D. Rastall left for U.K. leave.
The Squadron continued at the Air firing detachment at Sylt with steadily improving
stoppage rates and scores.   Between the 1st and 6th of the month the daily average
increased from 6.6% to 10.1% and the stoppage rate from 453 to 496.   The results at the end
of the detachment were as follows :-52,183 rounds fired of which 45,454 were effective.
There were 95 stoppages giving a stoppage rate of 527.   The high level average was 8.4%
and the low level 6.9%.   Sorties flown were 428 and hours flown (This includes detachment
flying for September) were 301.45.   The Squadron returned to Jever on the 16th October and
resumed normal flying.   This was held up for two days because the necessary ground
equipment had not arrived from Sylt.   A further factor affecting flying was the steady
deterioration of the weather in the latter part of the month, and on four days, flying was either
prevented or severely restricted.   The target was reached just before the end of the month.
The squadron is below strength on one sergeant, one corporal and eight airmen all of
various trades and in consequence there are no serious manning problems.

                                                                                  signed DTAdamson
                                                                                       (D.T. ADAMSON)
                                                                                       Squadron Leader
                                                                                       Officer Commanding
                                                                                       No. 98 Squadron.

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