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No 4 Squadron Movement Order 1Jan58
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     (b)   Main Rail Party   Composition of the Main Rail Party is
     Appendix 'C'.  The train times will be issued as an amendment
     to this order when it is available.
     (c)   Air Party   The composition of the Air Party is detailed in
     Appendix 'D'.

Railway Transport Requirements

5.    The Flying Wing Adjutant is to arrange rail transport for the move of
parties below:

     (a)   Advance Road Party   reservation of Rail Flats at the railhead
     Niebull for the conveyance of personnel and vehicles listed at
     Appendix 'A' from Niebull to Westerland.
     (b)   Main Rail Party   Provision is to be made for passenger train
     service to transport the Main Party to R.A.F. Sylt to arrive PM on
     7th February, 1958.   (Click to see pictures taken on the rail journey.)
     (c)   Rail Party Documentation    The officer i/c Main Rail Party is
     to have warrants prepared for the Main Rail Party personnel.  The
     Officer i/c Advance Party is to have railway warrants prepared for the
     Advanced Party personnel and vehicles to cover the journey from
     Niebull to Westerland.   Return journey warrants are to be prepared at the
     same time and handed to the Squadron Adjutant for safe custody.  O.C.s
     Advanced and Main Parties are to collect all movement documents from
     Admin Wing not later than 1600 hours on 4th February, 1958.
6.   Squadron M.T. Requirements   The officer i/c Advance Party is to
     collect all necessary documents for the vehicles listed at Appendix
     'A' and Appendix 'B', from the Station M.T.O. twenty four hours
     before departure.
     (a) Other M.T. Requirements   The M.T.O. R.A.F. Sylt is to arrange
     sufficient transport for the personnel listed at Appendix 'C' to convey
     them from the point of disembarkation from the train to their
     accommodation at R.A.F. Sylt.
     (b)   Private Cars   Officers, N.C.O.s and Airmen travelling to Sylt
     in Private Cars are responsible for arranging their own passage from
     Niebull to Westerland.   Personnel are warned that they will have to
     pay full German rated and cannot claim re-imbursement.  They are to
     arrive at Sylt in time for Duty at 07.00 hours 10th February, 1958.
7.   Loading of Equipment   The loading of Technical and Heavy Personnel
baggage onto Number 317 Squadron M.T. Vehicles is to commence at 1000 hours
on 5th February, 1958.

8.   Rations & Catering

     (a)   Advance Party   The N.C.O. i/c Advance Party is to collect from
     The Main Ration Store pack rations for the personnel detailed in
     Appendix 'A'.
     (b)   Main Rail Party   If it is not possible to receive meals
     throughout the journey by the Restaurant Car Service, the Catering
     Officer is to provide sufficient pack rations and liquid refreshment
     for the Main Rail Party.   The Catering Officer will be notified of the
     number of pack rations that will be required when the final figure is
9.   Kit   Full scale kit, excluding webbing is to be carried by all
personnel.   Personnel of the Main Rail Party are to travel in No 1 Home
Service Dress.

10.   Pay   The adjutant Number 4 Squadron is to collect the pay books
of the Squadron and 2nd Line support personnel detailed from Technical
Wing and is to be responsible for their safe custody during the detachment
at Sylt.

11.   Booking In and Out Officers    All Officers proceeding to R.A.F. Sylt
are to sign the movements book in the Station Adjutants office and the
Warning Out Book in the Officers Mess before proceeding to R.A.F. Sylt.

12.   Domestic   The Adjutant No 4 Squadron is to ensure that all airmen
including 2nd line element of the rank of Corporal and below take with them
their sheets and pillow cases for use during the detachment.   Normal laundry
facilities and Dirty Linen changes will be actioned by R.A.F. Sylt.

13.   Command & Signals

     (a)   Crystallisation of Aircraft   Aircraft en route are to fly with
     normal operational crystallisation.
     (b)   Route & Call Signs   Route, departure times and call signs
     will be detailed at the departure briefing.

                                                    (T. J. McELHAW)
                                                    SQUADRON LEADER
                                                    OFFICER COMMANDING
                                                    NUMBER 4 SQUADRON.
List of Appendices

Appendix 'A'                -  Composition of Advance Party
Appendix 'B'                -  Convoy Regulations and Routing Instructions.
Appendix 'C'                -  Composition of Main  Rail Party
Appendix 'D'                -  Composition of Air Party.

Distribution  Internal       Copy No                    External     Copy No
Station Commander             1                  Headquarters 2. ATAF    27
O.C. Flying Wing              2-4                Headquarters 2 Group    28
O.C. Admin Wing               5-8                2 Group ACC             29
O.C. Tech Wing                9-12               R.A.F. Sylt           30-33
O.C. No. 4 Squadron          13-16               Hanover Movements       34
O.C. No 101 S.U.               17                F.540                   35
S.A.T.C.O.                     18                File                    36
Met Office                     19                Spare                 37-42
Catering Officer               20
Station M.T.O.                 21
S.E.O.                         22
S.M.O.                         23
O.C. No 1 Signals Troop        24
S.W.O.                         25
5352 Wing                      26 

Appendix 'A' to No 4 Squadron Movement Order No 1/58 dated 1st January, 1958 Composition of Advance Party Landrover 43 AA 28 Fg.Off. A.A. Boyle 4011803 Sgt. M.E. Perkins. 4173830 SAC. MacDonald. 5019838 SAC. Murphy. Landrover 35 AA 88 Fg.Off J. Hawtin Fg.Off D. Hipperson Landrover 43 AA 24 Fg.Off. P.F. Hunwick Fg.Off A. Pollock Magirus 46 AE 59 1924078 Cpl Powell. 1924999 Cpl Went. Magirus 52 AE 18 1927561 Cpl Clarke. 4169809 SAC O'Keefe. Magirus 45 AE 86 5038052 LAC Lee. 4167488 SAC Evans. Magirus 52 AE 16 3521315 SAC Knight. 5023567 SAC Waller. Magirus 53 AE 34 586391 Cpl Browning. Borgward 60 AE 77 4172507 LAC Mucklay. 4172411 LAC Wooley. Magirus 53 AE 29 4189141 LAC Brown 1922962 SAC Rutty. Magirus 52 AE 35 3523899 LAC Stallard. 586372 Cpl Shea. Magirus 92 AF 37 4169441 LAC Codona. 4171504 SAC Harris. Magirus 47 AE 08 4195361 LAC Aird. 4070757 Cpl Newmarch. M.T. Fitt.
Appendix 'B' to No 4 Squadron Movement Order No 1/58 dated 1st January, 1958 CONVOY REGULATIONS AND ROUTING INSTRUCTIONS 1. Speed (a) Columns (excluding articulators, vehicles towing trailers, freight carrying vehicles designed for a load of 10 tons or over, refuellers, cranes and snow ploughs). DAY NIGHT Autobahns 24 m.p.h. (38 k.p.h.) 12 m.p.h. (19 k.p.h.) 1st Class Roads 20 m.p.h. (24 k.p.h.) 12 m.p.h. (19 k.p.h.) All other Roads 18 m.p.h. (29 k.p.h.) 9 m.p.h. (12 k.p.h.) (b) Columns including all types of vehicles DAY NIGHT Autobahns 12 m.p.h. (19 k.p.h.) 9 m.p.h. (14 k.p.h.) 1st Class Roads 10 m.p.h. (16 k.p.h.) 8 m.p.h. (12 k.p.h.) Bad Roads 7 m.p.h. (11 k.p.h.) 6 m.p.h. (14 k.p.h.) NOTE. The speed of all convoys must be restricted to a maximum speed consistent with that of the slowest vehicles in the convoy, as laid down in T.S.I. Vol 6 Leaflet 32. 2. Halts Short - 20 mins after every 1 hours 40 minutes driving Long - One hour after every five hours driving. Overnight Ten hours after every five hours driving. Note In cases where longer driving periods are essential, a second relief driver is to be carried by each vehicle. 3. Rations Form 250 is to be taken by O.C. Convoy and handed in to Transit Camp. 4. Staging and Refuelling The Station M.T. Officer is to arrange staging refuelling and escorts for the advance party. 5. Breakdown and Recovery In the event of a breakdown of a vehicle every effort is to be made by convoy personnel to carry out repairs. If this cannot be done quickly, recovery assistance is to be requested from the nearest Military Police Post, either direct throughout a service or throughout any german Police Station all of which are in possession of the telephone number of the nearest Military Post. A convoy is not to be unduly delayed because of the breakdown on an individual vehicle (30 minutes is the maximum possible delay.) 6. Documentation (a) Normal (i) Forms 658 for each vehicle (ii) Form FMT 3 for each vehicle (iii) Form 656 for each vehicle (iv) Form 1250 for each personnel (v) BAOR Form 347 (Return) for each vehicle. (b) Additional One Form 494 to cover the journey from Niebull to Westerland for the whole of the party and vehicles. Nominal roles showing Number Ranks and Names of all personnel and registration numbers of vehicles and makes of all vehicles, is to be attached to the Form 494. * See note below. 7. Communications In the event of any delays or any information being required, the following information is to be notified on the R.A.F. Movements Organisation. Location Phone Area Covered Duty Hours After Duty 2 Group Gutersloh Ex 705 Ex 776 Gutersloh, Jever Oldenburg Hamburg Hamburg Mil RAF Uterson Sylt & Hamburg 443970 Ex 346 8. Convoy Discipline No overtaking by individual vehicles within the convoy is to take place. 9. Convoy Route R.A.F. Jever Luneburg Jever Town Hamburg 210 Ostiem 4 Neumeunster 69 Oldenburg 205 Renderburg 75 Bremen 77 Schleswig Autobahn 76 Flensburg 199 Niebull Ferry to Sylt 10. General The convoy commander is to read and sign all orders held in the M.T. Section pertaining to his duties. He is also to check that each driver is in possession of his R.A.F. F 1629 before proceeding.
Appendix 'C' to No 4 Squadron Movement Order No 1/58 dated 1st January, 1958 COMPOSITION OF MAIN RAIL PARTY Officers i/c Fg.Off P. Jones Fg.Off A. McNae 366024 W.O. Baker. Acr/Fitt 5023181 AC Mohan. Arm/Asst 570460 F.S. Morris. Acr/Fitt 4148860 SAC Mold. Arm/Mech 584987 Sgt. Boulden. Radio/Fitt 1175670 SAC Morris. Elec/Mech 582934 Sgt. Cherrett. Elec/Fitt 3519177 SAC Neagle. Eng/Mech 1476756 Sgt. Danks. A/F/Fitt 5033350 SAC Oldham. A/F/Mech 4022563 Sgt. Mills. Eng/Fitt 4187582 LAC Postgate. Photo.GS 647634 Sgt. O'Donald. Eng/Fitt 4191844 LAC Robertson. Clk/Org 641292 Sgt. O'Gorman. A/F/Fitt 5022499 SAC Stark. Arm/Mech 623425 Sgt. Simmons. Inst/Fitt 5020383 LAC Thomson. Arm/Mech 537650 Sgt. Wilkinson. Arm/Fitt 5020402 SAC Thorne. A/F/Mech 1925692 Cpl. Barlow. Inst/Fitt 4174997 SAC Tristram. Eng/Mech 4013815 Cpl. Burnett. A/F/Fitt 4175780 SAC Verringer. Eng/Mech 4161401 Cpl. Burns. Arm/Fitt 5016256 SAC Walker. Elec/Mech 3511854 Cpl. Clackson. A/F/Fitt 3522668 SAC Wares. A/F/Mech 1926476 Cpl. Jennings. A/W/Fitt 4167328 LAC Williams. Arm/Mech 1924279 Cpl. Pearson. Eng/Fitt 5023133 AC Woolard. Arm/Asst. 4127066 Cpl. Roberts. Elec/Fitt 1922741 Cpl McCartney. Eng/Fitt. 4060928 Cpl. Scudder. Arm/Fitt 588384 Cpl. Smith. A/F/Fitt 1927420 Cpl. Stanbrook. Arm/Fitt 4099711 Cpl. White. A/Rad/Fitt 4173325 SAC. Barnes. Elec/Mech 5015280 SAC. Cobb. A/Rad/Mech 5010801 SAC. Cruden. A/W/Mech 3150104 LAC. Eagles. Arm/Mech 4184661 SAC. Glasby. Eng/Mech 4167931 SAC. Harvey. Eng/Mech 5015916 SAC. Holmes. A/F/Mech 5018514 SAC. Keppie. A/W/Mech 2nd Line Support Personnel 5029267 SAC. Lagden. ST/Mech 654505 Sgt Smith. Acr/Fitt 4184716 AC. Lawrie. Acr/Asst 588970 Cpl Honey. A/F/Fitt 4194147 AC. Lewis. Admin/Ord 4145481 J/T Bammer. A/F/Fitt 5033807 SAC. Lyon. A/F/Mech 1929413 J/T Wright. A/F/Fitt 5022391 SAC Rich. A/F/Mech 4175250 SAC Ayers. Eng/Mech 586519 Cpl Hayes. Elec/Fitt 588773 Cpl Ray. Inst/Fitt 4164526 Cpl Joseph. A/W/Fitt Private Cars 523255 F.S. Lipscomb. Eng/Fitt. 1928231 J/T. Stroud. A/F/Fitt
Appendix 'D' to No 4 Squadron Movement Order No 1/58 dated 1st January, 1958 Composition of Air Party Sqn.Ldr T.J. McElhaw Flt.Lt. G. Eades Flt.Lt. R.H. Barraclough Fg.Off. J. Slaney Fg.Off. W.B. Maish Fg.Off. J. Cross Fg.Off. D.G. Riley Fg.Off. A. Bendell Fg.Off. A. Brewer Fg.Off. T.M. Jeffrey Fg.Off. D.A. Ferguson Fg.Off. B. Dale Fg.Off. J.A. Bell Fg.Off. R. Cope - Lewis Fg.Off. A. Bebbington.