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F540 Operations Record Book June 1953 NO 112 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2588 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                          COMPILING OFFICER..FG.OFF. JONKLASS... REFS TO APPENDICES
SYLT 1.6.53
  After a full scale rehearsal on the 1st June, the members of the Wing at Gutersloh, flew
past Padeborn, Munster, Hamburg and Westerland on Coronation day.   Reports on the
fly-past by ground observers were very favourable, though the weather was not.
  4.6.53   The Sylt Detachment drew to a close and the Squadron flew back to Jever on the 16th.
The air to air results were never wholly satisfactory and it was a disappointment to the
Squadron that the average was the lowest on the Wing.   Over this period it became
necessary to fire in trail.   Initially this caused a few pilots a little bother, but
they soon got accustomed to have other aircraft in close proximity.   At the end of the
Detachment the Squadron average was just over five, Sgt. Jones who had the best
average (9.8) also had the highest score (36).

  On the 13th afternoon the Squadron had an opportunity to fire on gliders.   This turned
out to be a dead loss.   Three quarters of the gliders pranged on take off and a
goodly percentage of those that got airborne came to grief before they reached the
range.   Even those that did reach the range crumpled up before a shot was fired and
pilots had to carry out attacks on assorted debris, at the end of a tow rope.
JEVER 19.6.53   The Squadron did quite well at the Station Sports on the afternoon of the 19th,
helping Flying Wing to an easy victory.   It may be significant that their final score
was 112 points.
  20.6.53   This week was a fine warm one but very little flying was done as most energy was given
to smartening the aircraft and aiming for 100% serviceability.   Putting sharks teeth
back on the aircraft was begun in earnest.   It was very clear that this distinctive
Squadron marking raised the morale of the groundcrew no end, and the resulting
effect that went into their work was extremely noticeable.   Quite a few lucky airmen were
given short trips in the back seat of the Meteor 7 and were both thrilled and
  25.6.53   Sgt. Lackran went on leave to get married.   He took with him the good wishes of the
  26.6.53   Plt.Off. Chris Bryce arrived on the Squadron from the O.C.U. at Pembrey.   He has a
short service commission and has got 300 hours flying.   He is very welcome on the
  28.6.53   The end of the month was a very busy period for everyone.   The Squadron had to pack
and load in preparation for the move to Bruggen and get rid of its inventories and
other holdings.   It was intended to move by convoy in the nature of an exercise.
Numerous problem arose, as was to be expected, the chief one being lack of sufficient
transport.   Eventually the advance party was made ready for the dawn start on the 1st.
The C.O. visited Bruggen during this period and returned to paint a very pleasant
picture of the Squadron's new base.   Though moving on a large scale is never pleasant
the general feeling is one of optimistic anticipation and pleasure at leaving so remote
a place as Jever and getting within reach of civilisation again.   Bruggen seems to be
within striking range of four major cities in four different countries.

      MORALE. There was a certain despondency amongst the pilots about their poor scores at
Sylt, this didn't last.   The general inexperience of the pilots could explain a
lot of that away.   The second half of the month began a new era and the morale of both
pilots and ground crew was never higher.   A coach trip to Holland for the Dutch Grand
Prix on the 17th probably did a great deal to improve relations between officers and
airmen.   The odd 20 minutes in a Meteor 7 and being able to take a greater pride in
their aircraft "with the new teeth on" did a great deal to raise morale.
      SPORT. The Squadron did well at the Station sports.   The cricket eleven played six
matches and did very well though they frequently lost their best players to the
Station Team.

      STRENGTH.    Sqn.Ldr.   Bolton, D.F.C.
                           Flt.Lt.        Robinson
                           Flt. Lt.       McConnell                 Flt.Lt. Williamson is with no.77
                           Flt.Lt.        Holmes                     Squadron serving in Korea.
                           Fg.Off.      Creswick
                           Fg.Off.      Francis
                           Fg.Off.     Jonklass
                           Fg.Off.     Dawes
                           Fg.Off.     Beaumont
                           Fg.Off.     Le  Breton
                           Fg.Off.     Concannon
                           Fg.Off.     Hancock
                           Fg.Off.     Duke
                           Plt.Off.     Jenkins
                           Plt.Off.     Lydiate
                           Plt.Off.     Frame
                           Plt.Off.     Brown
                           Plt.Off.     Bryce
                           Sgt.Plt.   Jones,
                           Sgt.Plt.   Lackran

#                                                                          signedCDGJonklassFO
                                                                          for ( I.D. BOLTON))
     ;                                                                          Squadron Leader,
                                                                                Officer Commanding,
                                                                                N0.   112   Squadron

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