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"De Boys ob de Fourth Persoot Sabre Squadron".   4 Sqn Pilots Sylt May-June 1955.
L to R on Wing: Ian 'Jan' Madelin, Ron 'Chub' Gray, Pete 'PSmiff' Smith, Tony 'Persil' Pearce
Bob 'SMiffR' Smith, Tony 'The Vase' Vasey, 'Chas' Boyack, Les 'Speed' Swart, Bill 'Bilake' Blake
Bob 'Danny' Daniels
Front row: Tex Williams, Pete Langstone, Brian 'Drag' Watson, Bill 'Silly' Simms, The Boss
'Snowy' Ewens, Fred 'Fraid' Maycock, Les 'Booters' Bradley, Alan 'Al Capone' Armitage.
The same photo was sent in and the date given for it was Sep54.   4 Sqn was at Sylt at both times and so were all the aircrew in the picture.   However, Roy Mitchell is not present in this picture as he had left the Squadron by this May/Jun55 Sylt detachment.   Roy was known to have come back for the later detachment from his holding unit at Buckeburg, but as he was not on Squadron strength at that time he would not have appeared in this photo.   Whereas he definitely was on Squadron strength in Sep54 and would have appeared in the photo.   (Thanks to Ron Gray.)
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