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F540 Operations Record Book May 1955 NO 118 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2643 Microfilm Row 1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                                              COMPILING OFFICER Fg. Off. C.W. Powell Refs
Fassberg 1.5.55.           STAND-DOWN  
Fassberg 2.5.55   Operational
     The Squadron has now virtually finished flying, the only sortie being 1 air test.
     Most of the time is now taken up packing for the Squadron move to Jever
which takes place this Friday.   Tomorrow morning the Advance Party leaves followed by
the rest on Friday.
     Fg. Off. R.G.V. Irish went on 3 weeks U.K. leave.
Fassberg 3.5.55.   Operational
     Fg. Off. W. Dodds left early this morning with the Advance Party.   He was wished
God's speed and not breakdowns.   Here meanwhile, everything and everyone is at a
tense pitch of excitement.   Packing and loading is going on fast and furiously - the
whole place is being moved from under our feet.
     Fg. Off. F.A. Butcher returned from Compassionate leave.
Fassberg 4.5.55.   Operational
     Once again the only activity was more preparation for the move.   All the offices
are now bare with the odd telephone sitting in the corner of the room on the floor.
Fassberg 5.5.55.   Operational
     The pack-wagons were loaded up to-day ready to move off tomorrow morning.
Fassberg 6.5.55.   Operational
     Fg. Off. Hardy left this morning by rail with the Main Party.   A number of other
pilots departed in their own cars.
     Four officers attended the funeral at Hanover of a pilot of No. 14 Squadron
     Flt.Lt. J. Castagnola left for Jever in the Vampire T.II.
Jever 7.5.55.   Operational
     This morning was spent moving furniture into the Squadron offices at Jever.
     The office layout seems quite good, but the crewroom is much smaller than at
Jever 8.5.55.             STAND-DOWN.  
Jever 9.5.55.   Operational
          Today was spent unpacking and moving in generally.   Nine Hunters were already here
and another one arrived today.
Jever 10.5.55.   Operational
          The first Hunter came back to the hangar today after its acceptance check by A.S.F.
Another two were sent over for check.
          Sqn. Ldr. G.M. Gibbs arrived here today from Fassberg after completion of the
D.F.L.S. Course.
Jever 11.5.55.   Operational
          The Squadron started its first acceptance check in the hangar today, and another
two Hunters arrived, bringing the Squadron total to twelve.
         The offices are now beginning to take shape and the Squadron seems to be settling
down quite well.
Jever 12.5.55.   Operational
          Sqn. Ldr. G.M. Gibbs got airborne today on the first flight of No. 118 Squadron
Hunters.   Later in the day both Flight Commanders also flew.
          All Squadron pilots were issued with flying clothing this afternoon.   This in-
cluded "bone-domes" and "anti-G" suits.
Jever 13.5.55.   Operational
          Only one flight was made today, as a strong cross-wind prevented any first solos
being made.
         Fg. Off. B.G. Faulkes has gone to the U.K. on the Avon Engine Course.
Jever 14.5.55.        STAND-DOWN  
Jever 15.5.55.        STAND-DOWN  
Jever 16.5.55.   Operational
           Bad weather most of the day prevented any first solos until late afternoon.
Fg. Off.'s Hardy and Wraight then made their first trip in swept wing aircraft.
           There are now five aircraft on acceptance checks, but one of the aircraft was u/s.
          There are now five aircraft on acceptance checks in the hangar and another in
Jever 17.5.55.   Operational
           Only one sortie was made today due to fairly low cloud, intermittent rain and poor
           The aircraft state remained as yesterday.
Jever 18.5.55.   Operational
           Because of a strong cross-wind, no flying was done this morning.
           Eight aircraft have now been accepted, although two of them are un-serviceable.
Three more are now on acceptance checks and the other is A.O.G.
           This afternoon was a sports afternoon.
Jever 19.5.55.   Operational
           This mornings forecast was strong gusty winds and frequent showers, possibly of
           Nevertheless four first solos were made and a few pilots did their second con-
version trip, a total of ten sorties.
           Two more aircraft arrived today bringing the Squadron up to full strength of 14
           Fg. Off.'s McLennan, Darrington and Yeomans arrived today from Fassberg.
Jever 20.5.55.   Operational
           Today was the best flying day since the Squadron converted.   A total of twenty-
four sorties were made, mainly on conversion flights.
           Six aircraft were serviceable all day.
           One or two pilots reached the stage in conversion of flying the aircraft with the
controls in "manual".
  21.5.55.   Operational
           A station parade was held this morning, followed by an inspection of the airmen's
barrack block and the hangar.   Consequently, no flying at all was carried out.
Jever 22.5.55.   Operational
Jever 23.5.55.   Operational
           All the original twelve aircraft have now been accepted.
           Reasonably good weather and serviceability enabled the Squadron to carry out 19
sorties, all on conversion exercises, except for one or two airtests.
Jever 24.5.55.   Operational
           Another fairly good day with a total of 18 sorties.   Again most of the sorties
were conversion exercises, but one cross-country flight was made.
           The last two aircraft which arrived last Thursday are still undergoing acceptance
Jever 25.5.55.   Operational
           Because of the Whit-sun Grant today was a full working day.   A total of 27 sorties
were made including a couple of close formation trips and a cine trip.
           One or two pilots have now completed their ten conversion exercises.
           A number of cases of R/T trouble were reported today.   Pilots were transmitting
quite well but could not receive the controller.
Jever 26.5.55.   Operational
          Poor serviceability cut down the number of sorties today.   Three aircraft were
in primary inspections.   Even so, about a dozen flights were made on conversion
Jever 27.5.55.             STAND-DOWN  
Jever 28.5.55.             STAND-DOWN  
Jever 29.5.55.             STAND-DOWN  
Jever 30.5.55.             STAND-DOWN  


and below

          An anti-cyclone with its associated ridges promised good weather today.
          With three aircraft again on primaries only a limited number were available.   Even
so, sixteen sorties were made on conversion exercises, including two cross-country
and a formation trip.
         Fg. Off. B.L. Rogers arrived from Fassberg.
                                                                                          Flying Hours and Sorties
                    Strength                               Aircraft                              Hrs.            Mins               Sorties
                         16                                     Venom F.B. 1                    1               35                       3
                           1                                     Vampire T XI                                       15                       1
                           7                                     Hunter F.IV                      93                05                  136    
                        69                                                TOTAL                   94                55                  140    

                                                                                   signed CharlesGibbsS/L
                                                                                   (C.M. GIBBS)
                                                                                   Squadron Leader,
                                                                                   Officer Commanding
                                                                                   No. 118 Squadron
                                                                                   Royal Air Force
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