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Farewell to the CinC Air Marshal The Earl of Bandon C.B. C.V.O. D.S.O. (who had then been assigned to F.E.A.F.), the "Abandoned Earl", Outside Officers' Mess on his way to his aircraft to depart- 24Apr57.   (Click to see 4 Sqn F540 report).
Decode: 1. Earl of Bandon, 2. Olaf Bergh, 3. Bush Barrey, 4. W/C Harrington, 5. W/C Woodward,
6. Dave Ferguson, 7. Bill Brewer, 8. Fred Dawson, 9. Pete Bradley, 10. Pete Barrow, 11. John Hawtin, 12. Gordon Talbot, 13. Paddy Minnis, 14. Unknown, 15. Paddy Hipperson, 16. Padre Fullerton.
(Thanks to Gladys Watsonand John Hawtin)
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