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F540 Operations Record Book November 1956 NO 4 SQUADRON.
RAF Museum Hendon. Holds 2nd copy of F540 1945 to 1970.
PLACE DATE TIME SUMMARY OF EVENTS                     COMPILING OFFICER   __Flying Officer I. Madelin.___ Refs
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R.A.F. JEVER 1.11.56        Warm front conditions at mid - morning rather played havoc with the flying programme
since the G.C.A. was unserviceable at the time.   However restricted flying continued
for the rest of the day, - all cine pairs.
                                     SORTIES   15       HOURS   11.50
  2.11.56        Now that Fg.Off Boyack has left, Fg.Off Jeffrey has been appointed Squadron
Standard Bearer, and Fg.Off Blake is the P.A.I..   A perfect 'clamp descended on
the airfield at midday, and the weather changed from clear blue to dense fog in less
than five minutes.   A general recall was issued and landing aircraft were seen to
disappear from sight when half-way down the runway.   Fortunately none of our aircraft
were diverted and we were able to start restricted flying when the weather cleared
later in the afternoon.
                                     SORTIES   29       HOURS   22.50
  3.11.56        On returning to base, our first high level battle four found it surrounded
by low cloud which, in the poor visibility, had gone undetected from the ground.
The G.C.A. was on maintenance so flying was stopped after this.
                                               SORTIES   33       HOURS   26.05
  5.11.56        Another instance today of the outer layer of windscreen developing a crack
whilst in flight - the second within a weak.   The defect is not serious since
it does not affect the main thickness of the glass, but it leaves the aircraft
unserviceable for a few days.   The G.C.A. is still on maintenance so that
flying was restricted until mid-day.   However the Squadron put in quite a good
day's work.
     Traditional Guy Fawkes celebrations had to be postponed since the Bonn
government announced a day of mourning in sympathy for the Hungarian Nationalists.
                                                        SORTIES   31       HOURS   27.00
  6.11.56   A successful day's flying devoted mainly to high level battle fours.  On this
month's exercise Guest, the Squadron is to operate from Gutersloh, defending
the airfield from low level attacks.   The Squadron Commander went there this
morning to complete the administrative arrangements.
                                         SORTIES   36       HOURS   27.00
  7.11.56        Normal flying with six aircraft in the morning, and sports in the afternoon.
                                             SORTIES   13       HOURS   10.05
  8.11.56   Airfield 'red' until midday when restricted flying was allowed.   The Squadron
flew cine pairs and later some details of night flying.
                                     SORTIES   13       HOURS   10.35
                 NIGHT       SORTIES   12       HOURS      8.05
  9.11.56   In addition to the usual exercise a number of rat and terrier missions were flown
in preparation for exercise Guest next week.   The road convoy was also assembled
today and consists of two bowsers, a three-tonner, and a landrover.
                                             SORTIES   27       HOURS   21.15
  10.11.56   There is a campaign afoot on the station at present to bring everyone up-to-date
with their inoculations.   The Squadron's turn came this morning, and every one
was given typhoid and tetanus injections.   There was no flying.
                                             SORTIES   Nil       HOURS   Nil
  12.11.56   The road party left for Gutersloh in the morning ; and the air party - six Hunters,
and two Ansons for the groundcrew, went in the afternoon.   The rest of the Squadron
did not fly since the airfield was red all day.
                                     SORTIES   6      HOURS   3.00
  13.11.56   Bad weather over the 2nd A.T.A.F. area caused exercise Guest to be postponed for a
day.   Some of the pilots at Gutersloh were able to make an area recce in the
afternoon, but the poor visibility made the exercise rather unprofitable.   The
pilots at Jever flew a few cine sorties.
                                                Sorties   7      Hours   5.00
  14.11.56   The weather was still bad, and since it was soon apparent that 'terrier' operations
were impracticable, our detachment was released from the exercise and allowed to
return to Jever just before midday.   The meant, unfortunately, that all our
preparations and energy had been of no avail (except perhaps for the advantage of
a mobility exercise ).
                                                      Sorties   15      Hours   9.25
  15.11.56   With four of our pilots still returning from Gutersloh on the road party, and some
others on station duties, we were today in the enviable position of having eight
aircraft - and eight pilots, each of whom flew five sorties.   The standard of
control from the G.C.I. stations for P.I.s was excellent(a refreshing change)
and consequently some very instructive high level battle formations were flown.
                                                      Sorties   39      Hours   30.25
  16.11.56   A routine day's flying with a very assorted programme - close and high level battle
, cine pairs, aerobatics, G.C.A.s, P.I.s, low flying, and Instrument
flying in the T. 11
                                                Sorties   35      Hours   27.35
  17.11.56   The air traffic control tower is to be re-organised, and while the alterations
are taking place the controllers will operate from mobile caravans.   The changeover
was taking place this morning, so that there was no flying.   The first few hours
were devoted to supernumerary duties, and then Fg. Off. Shearer gave a lecture to the
Wing on D.M.E. and Rebecca Mk. 7 and 8.   Two N.C.O.s returned to England this
morning after completing meritorious tours with the Squadron, Sgt. Taylor, G.S.,
a fitter, and Sgt. Amos - an electrician.   At the same time we lost a number of
our experienced groundcrew including SAC Aspden, SACs Dudley and Wright, who will
be missed from the sports field as well as from the Hangar.
                                                Sorties   Nil      Hours   Nil
  19.11.56   Cold, clear and frosty - good flying weather ; the Squadron took advantage of it
by flying a high level battle formation and a cine pair all day, and giving some
pilots their first opportunity of leading a four.
                                           Sorties   31      Hours   23.35
  20.11.56   The good weather continued, and with it, the active flying programme.   High
level battle formation with P.I.s was the main exercise and, in addition, there
were about twelve sorties of local night flying.
                                              Sorties   37      Hours   27.20
  21.11.56   A number of our aircraft came due for primary inspections this morning and for
most of the time only three were available.   Each of these flew three high level
sorties.   In the afternoon, a scratch team from the Squadron won the Wing cross
country championship over a five mile course.
                                                Sorties   10      Hours   7.30
  22.11.56   A very full programme was flown, using between six and eight aircraft all day.
It was planned to continue flying up to six o'clock, the last two details being
dusk and night flying.   Unfortunately the last detail had to be cancelled when
our high pressure air stream brought in some cloud from the Baltic.
                                              Sorties   39      Hours   28.00
  23.11.56   Another busy day flying a formation of four and a formation of three and concentrating
on high level interceptions.   The last detail is a rather restricted one nowadays
since it is dark by 16.30.   The usual solution is to make the last sortie solo
ones.   The airfield closed at 1700 hours for a long week-end.
                                         Sorties   38      Hours   28.30
  26.11.56   Flying started off quite well, until a warm front, which had been forecast for the
evening, appeared at midday.   No take-offs were allowed after 1300 hours, and in
the afternoon the pilots heard lectures on Flight Safety and Discipline, and saw
an ancient film on aircraft icing.
                                           Sorties   17      Hours   12.45
  27.11.56   Six aircraft were available for most of the day, and were flown in pairs on high
level cine exercises.
                                           Sorties   26      Hours   20.35
  28.11.56   A new pilot arrived today - Fg. Off. G.H. Slaney.   He had been flying Hunter Twos
on Number 257 Squadron at Wattisham.   After the early sortie of four, the colour
state reverted to Amber because of frequent and intense showers, and pairs were
flown until the airfield closed for sports afternoon at midday.
                                       Sorties   13      Hours   9.10
  29.11.56   The runway and taxi-ways were too icy for operations until 11.00 hours.   Fortunately
Broad was on hand from A.F.D.S., to lecture on D.M.E. and the Rebecca Mk. 8.   He
has been doing trials on this equipment at West Raynham, and is now touring fighter
wings of 2nd A.T.A.F..   Flying after this consisted mainly of cine pairs and solo
aerobatic sorties.
Flying Officer P.J. Smith, Deputy "B" Flight Commander, received a promotion and a
year's extension of tour today so that he can assume the command of Station Flight.
                                       Sorties   14      Hours   9.55
  30.11.56   Ice again prevented the start of flying until midday.   This time a team from the
Handling Squadron at Boscombe Down were fortunately visiting, and conducted an
open session on the Hunter Pilots Notes with the Wing Pilots after Met. Briefing.
At a Squadron Dinner held in the evening, Flying Officer F.J. Maycock was dined out
after three years with the Squadron.   Equally at home at aircraft controls or
piano keyboard, his departure is quite a loss.
                                       Sorties   11      Hours   8.25
(J. R. CHAPMAN)                 
Squadron Leader,               
Officer Commanding          
Number 4 Squadron