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Pilots Notes Hunter Mk.6

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Cover, Amendment List No. 2, Notes to Users, List of Associated Publications, Hunter F.6 Views, List of Contents, Illustrations In Text, Part I-Descriptive, Introduction, Fuel System, Tanks, Contents gauges, Transfer system, Fuel system Switches and Indicators, Booster pumps, Flow proportioner, LP Cock, Filter de-icing, Rear Tanks Explosion Suppression, ENGINE CONTROLS, Avon 203 engine, Throttle/H.P. cock, Automatic variable swirl vanes, Starting system, Relighting system, Top temperature control, Engine instruments and anti-icing, Engine fire-extinguisher, MAIN SERVICES, Electrical system (24 volt), Hydraulic system, Hydraulic system Diagram, POWERED FLYING CONTROLS AND TRIMMERS, Flying controls operation, Detail of aileron booster jack, Controls and indicators, Elevator feel and trim, Electric follow-up tail, Aileron feel and trim, Aileron gear change, Engaging power controls on the ground, Re-engaging power controls in the air, OTHER AIRCRAFT CONTROLS, Rudder bar adjustment and rudder trim, Flying controls locking gear, Undercarriage control and position indicator, Undercarriage emergency operation, Flaps control and position indicator, Flaps emergency operation, Airbrake control, Wheel brakes control, COCKPIT EQUIPMENT, Entry to aircraft, Hood operation, Hood jettisoning, Cockpit pressurization heating and demisting, Cockpit pressurization and air conditioning diagram, Anti-G suit system, Ejection seat Mk. 2H or Mk. 3H, Oxygen system, Internal lighting, External lighting, Accelerometer, Pressure head heater, Emergency equipment, OPERATIONAL CONTROLS, Gyro gunsight Mk. 5, Radar ranging(A.R.I. 5820), VHF equipment, IFF Mk. 3, DME-Rebecca Mk.7 (ARI. 5894) and Mk.8 (ARI. 23013), G45 and recorder cameras, Gun firing, Bomb/RP release and drop tank jettisoning, PART II - LIMITATIONS, Engine limitations-Avon 203, Flying limitations, PART III - HANDLING, MANAGEMENT OF SYSTEMS, Management of the fuel system, Booster pump failure, Transfer failure, Management of anti-icing system, Management of flood flow system, Testing A.C. inverters on the ground, STARTING, TAXYING AND TAKEOFF, External checks, Cockpit and pre-start checks, Starting the engine, Checks after starting, Taxying, Checks before take-off, Take-off, HANDLING IN FLIGHT, Climbing, General flying, Flying at reduced airspeed, Stalling, High speed stalling, Flying at high I.A.S., Flying at high mach number, Typical Tailplane Angles to Trim, Aerobatics, Spinning, CIRCUIT PROCEDURE AND LANDING, Circuit procedure, Landing, Instrument approach, Going round again, Checks after landing, Stopping the engine, FLYING IN MANUAL, Selecting Manual, Flying in Manual, Landing in Manual, Reselecting Power, Clearing false anchorages (ailerons), PART IV - EMERGENCY HANDLING, Action in the event of fire, Electrical system failures, Hydraulic system failures, Engine failure and flame-out, Relighting, Forced landing procedure, Undercarriage and flaps emergency operation, Landing with an Undercarriage unit not locked down, Landing with a burst tyre, Flapless landing, Wheel brakes emergency operation, Emergency use of oxygen, Hood jettisoning, Abandoning the aircraft in flight, Ditching, Drop tank jettisoning, Cockpit pressure failure, PART V - OPERATING DATA, Loading and C.G. data, Pressure error corrections, Fuel consumptions, Flight planning data, Clean Aircraft - Climb Data, Clean Aircraft - Descent Data, Clean Aircraft - Cruise Data (17,500 lb.), With 2X100 gallon drop tanks - Climb Data, With 2X100 gallon drop tanks - Descent Data, With 2X100 gallon drop tanks - Cruise Data (19,400 lb.), Fuel consumption - clean aircraft, Fuel consumption - with 2X100 gallon drop tanks, Take-off distances, Illustrations - 1 Cockpit Port Side, Illustrations - 2 Cockpit Forward View, Illustrations - 3 Cockpit Starboard Side, Reminder - Inside back cover, Emergency Drills 1 - Inside back cover, Emergency Drills 2 - Back cover,

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