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     4th ATAF Team

     Capt James R (Dick) Mitchell, 30, USAF, pilot with the 492 Tac Ftr
     Sqn, Lakenheath, England. Home: Ogden, Utah. Skiing 18 yrs, Univ-
     ersity of Utah Ski Team. U.S. Olympic Team 56. 4th ATAF winning
     team 59, and 4th ATAF team 58. USAFE Championships 59--1st down-
     hill, 3rd cross-country.

     A/20 Joel B (Joe) Knowles, 22, USAF, based at Hof, Germany with
     Air Force security service. Home: Plymouth N.H. Skiing 13 yrs.
     58 USAFE - 2nd slalom; 1st downhill. 59 USAFE - 1st slalom. 2nd
     downhill. 59 4/2nd ATAF 1st combined, 2nd downhill, 1st slalom.
     57 Penn State Slalom Championship - 1st. Will attend 60 USAFE
     Championships, Garmisch.

     A/20 John R Grinsel, 20, USAF, a cryptographer based at Zweibruck-
     en, Germany. Home: Eau Claire, Wis. Skiing 15 yrs, High Schools
     wins 56 - 57. USAFE Slalom Championship - 3rd (1959). On 4th ATAF
     winning team 59.

     1/Lt Roger (Chappy) Chapdelaine, 25, USAF, supply officer based at
     Chaumont, France. Home: Springfield, Mass. Skiing 10 yrs, High
     School, College teams.

     1/Lt Francis W (Bill) Jowett, Jr., 29, pilot with 514 Ftr Inter-
     ceptor Sqn, Ramstein Air Base, Germany. Home: Tacoma, Wash.
     Skiing 8 yrs. College of Puget Sound Ski Club, Tannenbaum Ski
     Club in Ramstein. Has won slaloms in Germany.

     F/O Robert C (Bob) MacKay, 22, RCAF, pilot 2(F)Wing, Grostenquin,
     France. Home: Vancouver Father: C W MacKay 154 E 59th Ave.,
     Vancouver. Skiing 5 yrs. Grouse Mountain Ski Runners Club and
     John Oliver High School Ski Team, Vancouver.

     F/O P G (Pete) Howe, 24, RCAF, pilot 4(F)Wing Baden-Soellingen,
     Germany. Home: Hamilton. Parents: Mr PG Howe} 923 Montgomery Ave.,
     Ancaster Heights, Ont. (Hamilton). Skiing 12 yrs. Southern Ontario
     Championship. 4th ATAF winning team 59.

     Airman Hans Buchner, 25, GAF, technician based with 2/AL 51 at
     Erding, Germany. Home: Koenigssee. Skiing 18 yrs mostly in alps.
     Several first places in SU downhills, Alpenverein Berchtesgarden.
     Parents: Seraphine Buchner, Koenigssee, Haus Hochbahn.

     ler classe-Aide--comptable Bertrand Roydor, 23, FAF, based with
     ERCA No 791, SP 69.303. Home: Bois d'Amont (Jura) France. Parents:
     Monsieur Roydor, Maxence 163, Bois d'Amont. Skiing 14 yrs. Ski
     Club Bois d'Amont, 4th ATAF winning team 59.

     Sgt Denis Raguin, 27, FAF, based with 2eme Esadre de Chasse, BAO
     102, Dijon, France. Home: Dijon. Parents: Mme. Raguin, 24 Cours
     fleuri Dijon (C.d'or). Skiing 20 yrs. Ski Club Mont d'Or (Doubs),
     3rd descent, 3rd slalom, 1st combined 58-59 in Kare Cours de
     Classement. Championnats du Jura: 8e au Classement general.

     2nd  ATAF Entries

     Wing Commander D A Trotman, 38, RAF, pilot based at Gutersloh,
     Germany. Parents & Home: Mr and Mrs A Trotman, 43 Manor Rd South,
     Hinchley Wood, Esher, Surrey. Skiing 16 yrs (on and off). Member
     Ski Club Gt Britain (2nd Class SCGB Test), Member RAF Ski & Winter
     Sports Assoc.

     F/O Michael (Mick) Ryan, 23, RAF, pilot based at Jever, Germany.
     Home: Maidstone, Kent. Father: A G Ryan, 3 Ivy Cottages, Stake
     Lane, Halling, Nr Rochester, Kent. Skiing 3 yrs, non competitive.
     Member RAF Ski & Winter Sports Assoc., Ski Club of Gt Britain.

     F/L David Brook, 24, RAF, pilot based at Gutersloh, Germany.
     Home, parents: Mr and Mrs G R Hamilton, Bramstons Winchester,
     Hants. Skiing 7 yrs. 2nd class SCGB, represented RAF at St Moritz,
     1960 Interservice Championships.
     F/0 Iain Tite, 23, pilot (RAF) based at Gutersloh, Germany.
     Parents & Home: GFW Tite, Larchgrove, North Woolchester, Stroud,
     Glos. UK. Skiing 12 yrs. Member RAF Ski & Winter Sports Assoc.
     SCGB Kandahar. British Championships, RAF Championships, Inter-
     Service Championships.

     F/0 Guy Whitley, 22, RAF, pilot based at Gutersloh, Germany.
     Home, parents: Air Marshal Sir John Whitley, 9 Fawcett St.,
     London SW 10. Skiing 4 yrs. Swiss Silver Winner Junior Zott-
     meister Golden Ski 1948.

     F/L Anthony Chambers, 27, RAF, pilot based at Gutersloh, Germany.
     Home, parents: Mrs KE Chambers, Sunmerford Farm, Withyham,
     Sussex. Skiing 5 yrs.

     Gfr Gerald Bartels, 20, GAF, Rechnungsfuhrer, 1/LRB Abteilung 333,
     Goslar/Harz. Home, parents: (Father) Kurt Bartels, Munchen/Solln,
     Flotnerweg 7. Skiing 15 yrs. MTV Goslar, Erfahrung in Abfahrts-
     lauf Slalom.

     Andreas Geissler, 22, GAF, Fernmeidesektor "B", Hambuhren/Celle.
     Home, parents: Dr Martin Geissler, Munchen 2, Luisenstrasse 47.
     Skiing 15 yrs most in alps. Ev.Bay. Juniorenmeister 1957 (Riesen-

     Gefr Egon Wehrle, 22, GAF, 1/Jagdgeschwador 73; Oldenburg/Oldb.
     Home, parents: Karl Wehrle, Gutenbach/Schwarzw., Ganterhausle
     129. Skiing 10 yrs. Skizunft Brend/Schwarzw., Schwarzwald-Meist-
     erschaft 1955/56, Skimeisterschaften Kaufbeuren.

     Flieger Friedrich (Freddy) Hess; 21, GAF, based at Warendorf/
     Westf. Home, parents: Paul Hess, Deutlingen/Wurtt. Kolberger
     Str 27. Skiing 16 yrs.

     Lt Michael Gross, 22, GAF, based at Wesendorf. Home, parents:
     M. Gross, Simbach/Inn, Munchnerstr 30. Skiing 17 yrs most in
     German and Austrian Alps.

     Stuffz. Josef Frohlich, 30, GAF, based at Diepholz. Skiing 10
     yrs, most at Berchtesgaden.

     Dr (Major MD) Erich Andreas Gebhardt, 40, GAF, physician based
     with Sports School of the Gorman Forces, Sonthofen. Home &
     parents: Hermann Gebhardt, Nurnberg. Skiing 30 yrs, most in
     German Alps. Minor competions in alps for Nurnberg club.
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