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RAF Jever Station Farms and Gardens

Ken Senar writes:-

     As one of my extraneous duties I was i/c Station Farms and Gardens.   I had a whole team of GSO personnel who did all the work. They were headed by Herr Goldbaum, a very competent gardener.   The gardens and greenhouses were to the east side of 93 Sqn hangar behind the dispersals in the forest.   We supplied the PSI shop as well as being responsible for all the station gardens.   Vast amounts of vegetables were grown to supplement the supplies to all three Messes and for sale.

     Wg. Cdr. Russell-Bell was in charge of the PSI.   The farm was in the overshoot area, and thereabouts at the' old' end of the runway (the one which wasn't extended).   We grew four acres of potatoes one year - and got the reluctant airmen to pick them on sports afternoons.   There was no skiving off that!

     Danny Daniels was i/c the Station Pig Farm.   It was GSO run.   He had several breeding sows, a boar, over 100 pigs in all.   I stood in for him when he was on leave.   They ate the swill from the Messes and the small unsaleable potatoes.   The manure went back on the land.   The pork and offal went to the Messes and was sold in the PSI shop.

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