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Calling Notice for 9Jan99 & Minutes of Annual General Meeting 10Jan98


JSL - 9 JAN 99


146 HIGH HOLBORN (0171 405 0675)

(300 yards west of Holborn Tube, opposite Town Hall)

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Firstly, let me apologise that there was no submission last year, other than Peter Baines' short sharp note at the last minute.  I did however draft the letter and dispatched it to Pete for onward transmission but, unfortunately, the Royal Mail failed to redirect it to his new address.  That's his story and we're both sticking to it.  Despite this hiccup the AGM went ahead as planned with some 30 plus in attendance - quite an achievement with so little confirmation of the event.  To bring everyone up to date, I am enclosing a copy of last year's correspondence and am also enclosing a follow-up from Ian Madelin which will be of interest to anyone in a position to help with the Jever history request.

The AGM this year (99) will be held on the 9th Jan with the standard format.  The 'Three Compasses' doors will open at 1830 hrs for our private function, and will close at closing-time, 2300 his.  The late night rush for the last train home really makes an extension to 2359 hrs unusable and has been discarded.  Pub lunch type food is the norm but beware the Limpopo which in common with most of us this year has been affected/muddied by the dreaded El Nino.  Kitty will be 10 with 5 for the Ladies and individuals paying separately for their food.  Contacts remains as follows:

Ken Goodwin: Auldcroft, Plud Street, Wedmore, Somerset, BS28 4BE. Tel: 01934 712228

Jeff Jeffrey: (Work) FT Spt 2, TGDA, HQ PTC, RAF Innsworth, Gloucester, GL3 1EZ.
                 Tel: 01452 712612 Ext 5372 (Until Aug 99)
                 (Home) 2 Hawkes End, Brampton, Huntingdon, Cambs. PE18 8TW.
                 Tel: 01480 454788

This year (98), the award of the 'Golden Share' went to Dicky Barraclough in recognition of the fact that his beaming face appeared on the first photo from the Jever Steam and he has attended regularly ever since.

My regrets that we were unable to get off the ground with the 'JSL Weekend".  Two reasons basically - the support was a little low and the hotel that I had in mind for accommodation wasn't completed as soon as I had hoped!  Unfortunately, personal circumstances will prevent me having another crack in 1999, but I am prepared to make it a 'Millennium Meet in May/June of 00.  I hope to be able to come to you with more details in the near future.  Watch this space!

As an additional enclosure, I am at long last I am able to include an updated Basket List and, as usual, will be grateful for any corrections.

Finally, may I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hope to see you at "Steaming Time" - 1830 his.  For those not able to make it this year (99), next year (00) will be on 8th Jan, same place, same time; look forward to seeing you there.

Amongst those attending the AGM Jan 99 were the following:-

In bold from the Signing In Book  32
including ladies                          1
Unable to write                          0
Head count on the night             None taken

Doug Adamson
Peter Baines
Dick Barraclough
Bugs Bendell
Bill Blake
Jim Browne
Fred Butcher
Ted Bywater
Henry Chambers
Ian Craig
Barry Dale
Rod Farley
Fergie Ferguson
Ken Goodwin - President
Bob Holiday
Pete Hunwick
Pete Jarvis
Pete Jennings
Pete Jones
Danny Lavender
David Lockspeiser
Bill Maish
Paddy Minnis
Eric Pigdon
Al Pollock
B.B. Sharman
Phil Spooner
Sue Spooner
Tom Watson
Dave Watt
Andy Whitson
Mike Wraight

Pictures of AGM 1999 at The Three Compasses Holborn on 9 Jan 1999
(Thanks to Jeff Jeffrey for them all)

  1. Ted Bywater, Be Be Sharman, Bugs Bendell at the 1999 AGM in Three Compasses Holborn
  2. Bill Blake and Be Be Sharman 1999 AGM
  3. Pete Hunwick and Unknown
  4. Ted Bywater, Mamie Sharman, Dougie Adamson
  5. Unknown Mike Wraight AGM 1999
  6. Unknown and Ken Goodwin AGM 1999
  7. Bill Maish, Phil Spooner, Sue Spooner AGM 1999
  8. Peter Baines, Dougie Adamson and Unknown AGM 1999
  9. Dickie Barraclough AGM 1999
  10. Dougie Adamson, Be Be Sharman, Ken Goodwin, Danny Lavender. AGM 1999
  11. Dave Watt, Be Be Sharman and Danny Lavender. AGM 1999
  12. Dickie Barraclough, Dougie Adamson and Peter Jones. AGM 1999
  13. Danny Lavender, Bugs Bendell and Dougie Adamson AGM 1999
  14. Mike Wraight, Bill Maish AGM 1999
  15. Eric Sharp, Dougie Adamson and Ian Craig AGM 1999
  16. Pete Jennings, Sue Spooner, Dave Watt, Dickie Barraclough, Phil Spooner AGM 1999
  17. Be Be Sharman and others AGM 1999
  18. Phil Spooner, Pete Jennings, Pete Jones, Bob Holiday AGM 1999
  19. Dave Watt, Eric Sharp, Paddy Minnis, Bill Maish, Bugs Bendell, Al Pollock AGM 1999
  20. Dickie Barraclough, Val and Be Be Sharman and Dougie Adamson AGM 1999
  21. Danny Lavender, Sue Spooner, Phil Spooner and Pete Hunwick AGM 1999

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